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Nov 03, 2009
Amazon with balance problems
by: The Vet

"When sick birds get balance problems, what is the cause, and is it permanent?"

It may or may no be permanent. It could be a side effect of the Amikacin. It could be weakness from the illness, hypoglycemia from not eating, inner ear problems, or neurological disease caused by infection in the central nervous system. Other differentials are also possible.

"Would a human drug like Antivert be able to be used in a Parrot, and would it help?"

No. I have not known of any vets using this in birds. The mechanism of action for nausea, etc. would be different in birds. Do not give this drug to your bird.

"Would this be Neurologic or maybe an inner ear problem?"

Yes, yes.

"Also if the bird has any kind of tumor would it show up in the blood work?"

No, not necessarily. But there can sometimes blood changes can be an indication of cancer, but nothing definitive.

Dr B

Oct 24, 2009
by: Linda

Your question about balance and drugs is best answered by your Avian Vet. PLEASE, NEVER, NEVER GIVE YOUR BIRD ANY OVER THE COUNTER OR OTHER HUMAN MEDS AS THESE CAN AND DO KILL BIRDS EVERYDAY. If she has a balance problem, it needs to be addressed by your Avian vet.

As for tumors and bloodwork, no, tumors will not show up in bloodwork. Soft tissue x-ray type tests have to be done to see tumors. Cancer cells DO show up in bloodwork, and it appears that is not a problem. Birds do become weak from infections and the medicines to treat them. I'd keep her warm and well fed. If you need to have wings clipped, just have vet clip the Primary Flight feathers which are the long ones at end or bottom of wings. Nails need to be clipped to keep the points off them as these can cause accidents and injury.

So, call your Avian vet about the balance issue, if you have a warmer, sunny day, cover bird well and take into vet for wing and nail clip.

You need to be covering bird at night with a lightweight cover in a dark or pastel color. Bright colors sometimes scare birds, so go with darker or pastel colors that don't stand out for your cage cover. Sick birds need additional warmth as when ill, they are not able to regulate their body temperatures. Always remember this for future reference.

Your little bird has gone through much trauma and losing a few feathers would not be considered abnormal under the circumstances. Also, hopefully you are feeding a high quality organic pelleted diet like Harrison's. My Amazons eat the Lifetime Course Grind and the Lifetime Pepper Course Grind. I mix the two so they have some variety. Their Birdy Bread Mix is also wonderful and would help in transition from seeds to pellets. The change takes time, so follow directions and read the Switching Birds to Pellets article if you need help.

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