Amazon severe gout - needs fatting

by Linda

Hi, I have a 28 yr old amazon, I took to vet and it has severe gout both feet are hard and frozen but it hasn't moved to the wings. We're trying to change diet - more fruit/vegs instead of seed only diet. Slow going but he's now eating apples and carrots and picking only at other things. The vet has ordered allupurinol (in liquid form) which should be here in a few days but says there is a 50/50 chance of improvement with the medication. I had been doing cherry juice concentrate in water but not real potent. I read another post about some of the remedies including the aloe detoxifying liquid which I am going to send away for.

I have two questions - anyone have success with anything else? Also, my bird is super thin, any ideas how I can fatten him up? Currently he is by a heater since he has no body fat and needs to keep warm. Plus the doctor is having me give him some antibiotics for a few days so there is nothing else underlying issues. Any advice really appreciated.

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Nov 06, 2010
Amazon severe gout - needs fatting
by: Linda

Well, unfortunately, gout is one of the side effects of eating an all seed diet for many years. All seed diets are bereft of quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. They are mostly fat which is also a cause of fatty liver disease.

You MUST get your bird changed over to an organic pelleted diet, and Harrisons is the best. They have a high protein form, and this is the one to change him over to. The fruit and veggies need only be no more than 10-15% of the overall diet, and it sounds like you are feeding way too much of it. The change over does take time, so he will need to be back on his seed mix while you are doing the change. He may really like the pellets. He is a very sick boy now, and I would STOP with the home remedies as I believe you will only make matters worse for him instead of better. You are making too many changes at once, and this is detrimental to an already very sick bird. Here is link about the change over from seed to organic pellets, and it will take time:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Harrison's also makes a delicious (bird's point of view) bread mix which is also carried here, and buy the Sunshine Factor's organic Red Palm Oil to use as the oil, and the other ingredients are two whole eggs and water. I bake mine up for my two Amazons, wrap in clear wrap and put in freezer bags taking out enough for snacks for a few days. The bread will help him to start to like the pellets, and without any additions to the mix, can be up to 30% of the total diet. He will do a lot better with these healthful additions to his diet rather than all the remedies you are giving him. Too much is too much, and he is simply taking too much "real" medicine now to be adding anything else to it. This physical problem has taken years to form, and it will take years to get him back to any semblance of normal. You are wanting too much too soon and need to look at this realisticially.

The organic pellets and bird bread do not have any preservatives and have to be kept refrigerated. Take out his meals 30 to 45 minutes before eating to allow them to warm to room temperature. You will want the COURSE GRIND for the pellet size in the Harrisons.

Keep us posted on how he is doing, and we wish you the best of everything.


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