Amazon training problem

by jeevesh

I have a handfed blue fronted amazon. We spend a lot of time with her, feed her healthy food and try to train her periodically at 15 min sessions. But she never seems to enjoy being with us. It slows down/stops our training and it is not as enjoyable.

She does not bite. Has a large cage, with many toys and perches. She is quite, but talks. She always has been quite, and she has never been extremely active, and spends much of her time on one perch. Sometimes at the worst of times, she runs away when we ask her to say step up, but that mostly only happens when she is on top of our cage. I could not find help else where, so please help.
PS: she is 2 yrs old.

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Jul 12, 2011
Sweet Amazon parrot hard to train
by: Tracie

Has your bird ever been seen by an avian vet? It is great that your bird doesn't bite and is not very noisy, but the inactivity sounds like it might be ill.

We have some training material on our Parrot Training page but I strongly suggest you Find an Avian Vet and make sure your bird is well before trying to do any training.

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