Amazon with poor balance

by Gail
(Walland, Tn)

here is Paso-8yr old yellow naped

here is Paso-8yr old yellow naped

We have a 8 year old Yellow-naped Amazon. Over the past year he has shown signs of decreasing balance. He still eats just fine, is fully feathered, and talks up a storm. He hasn't lost any weight, and all blood work has come back fine. What would cause this poor balance?

He seems to have a hard time staying upright sometimes. What can we do about it? Is there any way to help it? He was sick at one point and we had him on sucralfate which is used to fight off any infections. He was also of molixicam to help ease his stomach. He was on the medications for a month. He's fine now, but still has horrible balance. He had poor balance before he got sick as well, now its just worse. Any ideas?

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Dec 05, 2009
Balance Problems
by: Patti Stalma

Balance problems can also be caused by Arthritis. At first the bird appears clumsy and like it has no balance. My Amazon has this that is how I know. I took her to an Avian Specialist and she was put on anti- inflamatories, and pain meds. This has helped her to some extent. Take your bird to an Avian Specialist if you value it. My bird hid this until she could no longer hide her symptoms. All birds hide illness, so we did not get a jump on this until later stages.

Dec 03, 2009
Amazon difficulty balancing
by: The Vet

Calcium deficiency can cause poor balance. This will not normally show up on blood work. If your bird is not eating a Pellet Diet, then calcium deficiency would be the highest differential on the list.

It could also be caused by the bornavirus. Bornavirus causes PDD which often times causes neurological problems. There are other viruses that will cause this too, including West Nile and EEE. Poor balance can also be caused by a bad wing clip, foot problems, hypoglycemia, infection, brain tumor, and many other diseases. It could be associated with improper perches, too, among other things.

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine a diagnosis. Then appropriate treatments can be administered. The symptoms you describe are general and does not help me determine what treatment would be right. Your bird needs extensive blood work, especially to test for PDD, among other things.

Sucralfate is not for infections. It is used to coat the stomach lining and treat or prevent ulcers. Meloxicam is an anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain, but is also effective in treating the symptoms of PDD. It does not ease the stomach. In fact overdose can cause ulcers, which may be why the sucralfate was dispensed.

Dr B

Dec 02, 2009
by: Anonymous


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