Amazon Yellow Nape female

by Cydne
(Reno, NV USA)

My parrot is losing her grip and claws seem weak to grasp. She is falling off her perch. I took her to a vet to test, she ruled out stoke, and claimed she looked healthy. Took ex rays and she again looked okay. We are so worried no answers.

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Dec 04, 2013
31 Year Old Yellow Nape Male - Homer
by: Cheri

Homer had a stroke in March 2013, We were on vacation and had sitter. She said she could hear Homer Barking from outside the house all the time. She was a neighbor. We got vitamin D, supposedly the stroke lower Vitamin D. He has had a couple of episodes this summer that were similar to Parkinson's symptoms. Yesterday he wanted to walk around and I noticed his shake and lowering his wings to the ground. By the end of the evening he was very weak, his vomit was white. Today he is very weak, vomit white, black with white stool, falling forward, not drinking water, did eat some oatmeal. He did ram into windows and doors in the last couple weeks startled by our neighbor mowing the lawn. Will he live, I have handed it over to my Lord God, In Jesus Name AMEN.

Mar 20, 2012
my lame Charlie.....
by: cydne

Yes, I took her to a Avian Vet in Folsum, Ca. She prescribed Metacam 0.1 ml every 24 hours. Also Avix Sunshine Factor 1/2 pea size daily. That was on 12.10.11.

Her eyes are clear and she eats, but she doesn't talk to me and the second foot seems to be going lame.

I know of nothing toxic that she could of consumed.
Can this be corrected?

Feb 08, 2012
Bird weak and has trouble perching
by: Tracie

Did you take your bird to an avian vet? Either way, I would Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird for a second opinion. There is clearly something wrong.

It is possible that your bird either breathed or chewed something toxic. Take the x-rays with you to the appointment and make sure they do blood tests. Make a list of everything the bird could have chewed or eaten and think about anything toxic that could have been, or still is, in the air.

Air fresheners, Teflon coated irons, pans, ovens etc. give off fumes. Gas leaks will effect birds before humans know about it too.

If your bird has free roam of the home, it could have chewed something toxic. There are just so many possibilities.

Please view our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list for some ideas.

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