amazone dublle yellow head

by mohammed

hi i have amazone dublle yellow head he s already talking a lot but the problome he can not talk in front of me pls help me

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May 01, 2009
Such a SWEET Problem!
by: Linda

Would that all prolems with our birds be this easy to fix!

I've had many parrots of all different species, and when they first start learning words, they are very shy about using them where anyone can hear them. I had a baby Scarlet Macaw many years ago, and when she started learning to talk, she would practice in her "room" with the door closed only. She would NOT say anything in front of us for a very long time. She thought she was "in private" and so would practice a word this way and that until she came up with something she liked. She would also practice other words and sounds she liked the same way. Sometimes, we could not even understand anything she was trying to say.

Birds are quite vain and are much like cats in that they do not want anyone laughing at them unless they are clowning around, and then you are supposed to laugh! Birds have the mental and emotional development of 4-5 year old children, and the younger ones are, of course, much like a one or two year old in their thinking.

Just don't worry about the talking and let your bird be who he/she is without any "rules". Forget everything you think you know about "talking" birds. Some of them take longer than others. I have a Red-Lored Amazon, and the species is smaller and not supposed to talk much. This bird not only talks, but also puts coherent sentences together to get what he wants (or thinks he wants). Eli is over 30 years old, and I've had him for 16+ years, and he and mate are wild parrots in that they have never been tamed. He's been learning new words the whole time and has quite an extensive vocabulary for a bird who is not supposed to talk much. His mate, however, only knows one word, Hello, and does not say it very often, so I guess she is "true" to her species' expectations.

The Double Yellow Heads usually learn a very large vocabulary, so stop worrying and start relaxing and enjoying your lovely bird. You don't need tapes and/or other ways to teach birds to talk. They pick up words, songs and sounds they like, and so let him/her get on with it. Bird will start talking/screaming one day, and you'll wonder where all the peace and quiet went! Parrots do like music, and you can experiement with different types. Parrot will let you know when you find the "right" music. Mine like heavy metal rock and roll played low enough so they can join in the noise. They also like church hymns as I've sung to them all along the songs I learned in church as a child. They are my "backup" singers, and we all have a good time!


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