And I never knew I wanted a Cockatoo!

by Nicole

Goffin Cockatoo - Gerwin

Goffin Cockatoo - Gerwin

"Gerwin" came to be with us last summer while in Virginia Beach visiting family. I had actually been in contact with a local pet store in that area for a few months getting information on three baby Severe Macaws. Once in the area me and my husband went to visit the baby Macaws when a little tensie tiny Goffin Cockatoo kept flying over to me loving and cuddling up to me ( I just couldn't resist)

Then my mind was made up I wanted a Goffin but to my surprise that cute little lovie already had her forever home. The lady I had been speaking with over the previous months happened to know of a Goffin Cockatoo in the area that was in need a new home. And that's when it happened we met the most lovable, precious, so full of personality it was coming out of his ears Goffin Cockatoo "Gerwin"

His previous owner who by the way took excellent care of him no longer could provide him with the attention he was so use to so she thought in the best interest of "Gerwin" and decided to place him in a new home OURS. Needless to say the 6hr trip home that turned into a over night stay approx 3 more hrs from home due to unforseen car trouble was very interesting for the little guy. And I still can't say how thankful I was of a local boarding facility that normally housed cats and dogs that let him stay in their facility while our car was being repaired Thank U Thank U!

"Gerwin" to say the least had no idea as to just how much attention he was going to get once he arrived at home. First there was the kids that he had become aquainted with on the trip home then there was his three legged cat "TT" that has since then has taught him how to MEOW which is what he normally does when he's looking for her. And he has his own flock of the other furry 4legged kind 2 Mastiff named "Dozer" and "Rogue" and 2 Shih-tzu named "Trinity" and "Divine" all of which fills his days with excitment and joy.

He is so adorable to watch with the others because he is so inclined to think he is one of them. And all this time I never knew how empty my house was until "Gerwin" came to make our house a true home he was truly the missing piece (peace) to the puzzle.

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