I have a Ducorps Cocatoo who is 11 years old. She began plucking about 6 yrs ago. She sae an avian specialist, had all testing which was fine. We have tried all the suggestions with no luck. She has always eaten a pellet diet with extra fresh fruits and vegetables.

My recent problem is that for the last several months when I hold her she begins shaking all over. It does not matter how warm it is in the house. As soon as I move her a little she stops then when we cuddle again she starts. One vet said she is horny. Another said it is sexual also. Any suggestions on how to stop this? Holding her is not enjoyable with this behavior.

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Oct 12, 2009
Cockatoo shaking
by: The Vet

Certainly sexual maturity and sexual behaviors can be contributing to this. If she is bare in places then she could be cold, too. Even if you think it is warm in the room, it may not feel warm to her. Nervousness and insecurity can also be the cause. I recommend that you have x-rays done to determine if her ovaries are enlarged. If so, there are hormone therapies that are very effective.

Also, please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article on Tracie's parrot training page.

Dr B

Oct 09, 2009
by: Linda

If a vet actually told you she is "horny", I would steer very clear of that vet. That is the most ridiculous thing I think I've heard in a long time. As far as a diagnosis goes, it takes the cake.

Tracie owns and runs this site, and she has some links on her Parrot Training page to help you with a bird who plucks, and it is common with the Toos, so take a look at the links she provides about the plucking.

As for the shaking, please find another Avian vet in your area who is not so callous about what the shaking could mean. She could have an infection if all the bloodwork has not been done.

I'm glad to hear about her diet, now make sure you have all the bases covered as far as her health is concerned by having bloodwork and such done to see if she has any problems with her liver or kidneys. Her heart needs to be checked as for its functions as well.

Keep us posted on what your hopefully new vet has to say once her bloodwork is back. Sounds like you may have already had that done--if not have it done. The vet who said she was horny needs to learn a few things about his bedside manner to say the least.I'm calling vet a he because it sounds like something a man might say.


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