angry budgie

by bill
(gold coast Aus)

hi when i put a bell in the cage for him to play with he goes crazy attacking it and then starts attacking my finger when i put it near him. he even attacks food i put near him. I've taken it out again and I've tried another bell and the same thing happened. I'm not sure why and should i not put one back in?

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Nov 07, 2012
angry budgie
by: Linda

It sounds as if he just does not want the bell in his cage. There could be many reasons for this. If his cage is too small, then a toy takes up too much room. The way to fix that is to get a larger cage for him and try a different kind of toy. When buying a cage for any bird, you have to double or triple manufacturer's recommended size because what they recommend is always too small. Also, if he's sitting on the dowel rods that came with cage, his feet and legs hurt from having to clutch too hard on the one-size dowels. They cause arthritis and lots of leg problems before that. We recommend safe wood, natural branch perches in the correct diameter for your bird's feet. These can be found all over the internet and are usually listed in section for your bird's size and species. They come with hardware and have varying diameters across the width which allow the feet and legs some rest. We use Manzanita, and for a bird this small there are also others available.

When measuring for these perches that come with hardware already on them, measure INSIDE dimensions and not outside cage dimensions because you will have a hanger bolt in perch plus an inside and outside washer, and if you measure inside cage from side to side, the new perch will fit correctly.

So, get a larger cage if his is too small. All birds love to chew on safe wood toys usually put together with cotton rope. I recommend cotton because nylon is dangerous if a string gets loose and winds around foot or toe as nylon has no "give" to it.The larger cage will allow room for a nice toy or two. All birds are afraid of new toys, bowls and such, but they don't usually get this mad. Normally they will walk around new toy a while before playing with it. Bells are not very good toys anyway as they cannot do anything with them. The toys with wooden pieces strung on rope give them hours of enjoyment chewing them and the rope. All toys need to be inspected frequently, and when you see too much wear they need to be replaced. Birds also get bored with same old toys in a month or two.

Get him some safe wood(list found here) natural branch perches so his feet and legs can relax. I think he'll come around in time. Also watch his diet. Birds do not need lots of fat and they do not need any human foods as these have salt, sugar and fat which hurts birds. Your bird needs to be eating 80-85% of his diet in Harrison's organic pellets found here in the small size.

Write back and let us know how everything is going.


Nov 07, 2012
Angry Bird
by: M Morales

Hi, I have a Sun Conure and had that little problem a long time ago. The bell toy seemed to activate a BOXING/FIGHTER attitude. I took the bell away and soon enough my Conure stopped. Birds can get triggered to act a certain way with anything, they all have their own little personality. lol. / If your Budgie never did this before and started with the BELL, maybe eliminate the BELL and see if your old BUDGIE attitude comes back. You will be able to better assess the TRIGGER I imagine. I am no pro but it worked for me! Good Luck!

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