angry cockatiel

by Maud

What to do wiith an angry cockatiel? how can I make him quit squaking?

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Dec 30, 2012
Help an angry cockatiel
by: Tracie

First you need to determine what is making it angry. Why do you think it is angry? Did your bird used to be a quiet bird? Your bird may be sick and trying to communicate it is hurting inside. You may have added something scary to the room and it is trying to scare it away.

If your bird is making noise just to get your attention because it is lonely then that is a different matter altogether. There are many reasons birds make noise. One reason is because they are birds and it is normal for them to make noise. :-)

If this is NOT a health issue or something new in the environment that is scaring it, then you can read the articles on our Parrot Training page for help in training your bird. It will take a lot of time and patience, but you CAN teach your bird to use a different way to get your attention.

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