angry green indian redneck parrot

by vishnu

it was too angry to me how can i control my parrot angry towards me ?

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Sep 10, 2009
ontrolling anger
by: Anonymous

As you can already appreciate, birds like this are very intelligent. I don't think we give them enough credit. On the other hand we as humans try to read too much into what they say or don't say and what they do or don't do. So you think your bird is angry? Maybe not, but whatever, don't you show any anger towards your friend. Maybe there is something wrong with the food, a smell not liked, a taste to strong or not strong enough or colors that have not been seen before.

What has happened in your surroundings lately that could cause the bird to be upset? New furniture, new music, another bird or pet in the household? Have you done the unthinkable and...brought a new girlfriend or boyfriend in the house without proper introductions? Are you aware of how jealous animals can be towards their owners? I had a dog a long time ago that became so jealous when I got married that she peed all over the house and sometimes right in front of me. She would not obey my commands and would trash her dog food bowl 2-3 times before she would eat from it. It only ended when my new wife started to hold the dog at night and pet it until she went to sleep.

In almost all species of animals, change is not a welcome occurrence. Animals like things to stay the way they are for as long as possible. So when you do something new like changing the scent of your after shave for instance you could be getting your pet very upset or in your case ?angry.? Any change that ?MUST? be made should be done gradually over a long period of time. Take for instance introducing new food to the birds? diet. Don?t make the change all at once. Take a week or two and gradually change the food a little each day. And don?t be afraid to talk to your bird and explain what you are doing. It might sound a little silly but the sound of your voice in a soft and gentle speech pattern may help her realize that you are doing something for her own good.

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