animal lover

by kaylee

I had a red belled conure and I loved it to death. One day I was tending to her needs by cleaning out her cadge. My brother and I had been fighting and I wasnt helping the situation. Well my bird was sitting on her perch and I guess I hadnt closed the door all the way when I heard the screach of my baby.

My uncle lives next door so we tore down the fences between us (our two yards) and his dog had ran in and bit her. I screamed at the stupid dog. I finally got him to drop her and ran next door. I pounded on the door and was aware that every minute was vital so once they decoded the whishey wash coming out of my mouth my uncle ran next door as I screamed we need to get her to the vet.

To my suprise she hadnt made it. I cried for weeks and weeks upon end I had loved that bird. when one day my dad took me to traders village we had been to every single pet shop exept one I saw this one bird that i loved. my dad explained to me that it was to expensive I was sad and had lost hope when the man yelled Hey I can give you a deal $450 sorry pal my dad said we cant aford it. Okey the man replaid I can see she is upset $400 okey.

and thats my story.

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Nov 05, 2017
green cheek conure
by: maymay

I have always been a pet lover since I was very young, ive been blessed to home and love many different types of animals ranging from horses to pigs to tegus and many more. I recently had been looking into purchasing a pet bird, reading lots about them and watching lots of videos about them. we often go to petstores to get food for my animals and at a local pet store there was this one bird that caught my eye. her name was sunshine I had watched her for weeks, begging my mom to get her for me, soon the time came that she was ready for a new home.

about a week before we got her my dog had passed away and I was very sad, my mom feeling bad for me decided to get sunshine for me not to replace my dog that I had recently lost but try to fill the hole. so I got sun shine and we bonded and loved eachother very much spending a lot of time together well that lasted for about two months until last night when me and my mom came home from running arrons when sunshine was at the bottom of her cage not moving and appering to be asleep, I tried to wake her up and nothing happen but she was still breathing so we got in the car and rushed her right to the animal hospital sadly she did not make it, after moarning we then took her to the petstore not to get a refund or anything but to let them know what had happen in case it were a sickness that she had had before we got her so that they could contact the breeders so that this wouldn't happen to anyone else. they ended up giving us our money back and they were so helpful. I do plan on getting a new feathery pal and just wanted to share my story.

Jul 25, 2017
Love my bingo
by: Anonymous

I have a red bellied I love so much!! Hes about 7 and very smart. Says over 50 words, sings, wistles and makes all the sounds around the house. Hes truly a blessing

Jul 06, 2016
Chester, my loving Sun Conure
by: Jeanny

I hand raised Chester and he was without doubt the most loving little bird anyone could wish for. He loved me and loved to cuddle with me, sing with me, play with me and be with me 24/7. He adored me and protected me. He was so, so sweet and loved to groom me. What a sweet heart. He was loud, but respectful, waiting until he thought I was awake to greet me with ok, starting quietly and gaining in intensity. One horrible day at work I received a all to come home immediately because something was wrong with Chester. He had been off all day and was sitting with my room mate and fell to the floor. I was in such a panic! when I got there he was barely alive. W went to the vet and he died in my hands. That was 3 yrs ago and he was 29.i still cry.I have an IRN,Sheldyn,, a yellow sided green cheek conure,Taazie, a budgie,Murphy, a Meyers parrot,Oliver Meyer, a rosie bourkes,Floyd, and 2 cut throat finces,Lilu & Janusch, all lovely, but none as cuddly as baby Chester. I love them dearly, but I miss him soooo much, I don't think I'll ever get over it.

Jun 01, 2016
i know the feeling
by: Anonymous

i lost a quacker when i was 10 yrs old. my brother 2 at the time didnt know better and tried to help while i was in school. i came home to a very sick bird found out my baby bro had sprayed pesticide on my bird and the entire cage i rushed him to a vet but he didnt make it through the night i am 33 yrs old now and just decided it was time to move on and try again this time i have a blue and gold macaw.his name is klaus. now 4 yrs old and his a dream he can never take pancho's place but im glad i have him now

Nov 21, 2013
I'm sorry for your loss....:(
by: Tommy

I've been in the avian field now for nearly 30yrs having both wild & exotic pet bird experience. I've also worked with a COUNTLESS number of various parrot species over the years as well. I currently own an IRN or Indian Ringneck, Green-Cheek Conure, Senegal Parrot, Red-Bellied Parrot, & Hahn's Macaw. And let me just start by saying i FEEL your pain and am terribly terribly sorry for your loss. All of the birds i've either worked with or owned have left a part of themselves with me over the years. And when they do perish just know there flying free in God's forest there spirits are free and there suffering is over. Please don't blame yourself for your bird/s loss it never does any good for anyone to do that to themselves emotionally speaking. Accidents can and do happen and TRUST ME i've lost my fair share of birds over the years and used to beat myself up thinking what in god's name did i do wrong for this to happen. When in reality i did the very best i could to provide my animal with the love and care that it needed before the good lord decided it was there time to go. One thing is for sure, NEVER NEVER NEVER listen to anyone who says to you; "Oh it was just a bird get over it". Because that is extremely insensitive and they have absolutely no comprehension of the bond that is formed between the deceased bird and it's owner. Never feel like you grieving over something trivial and do NOT stand for someone downplaying the death of your companion animal/s. You have EVERY RIGHT to feel the way you do and mourn your loss just as anyone else would do losing a cherished family member. And that is exactly what these birds provide for us aviculturists. I hope you can forgive yourself and move on and realize your bird would want you to be happy and move on with you life and not punish yourself for something that was totally out of your control. God willing you will find another companion bird who will bring back some of the joy you lost with your first bird. But i must say NEVER try to compare your new bird if you should get a new one that is with your deceased bird. It's not only unfair to your new bird to live up to an expectation that you've created for it but leaves a chapter open that should be closed. Particularly when your ready to move on with your life and enjoy the love and companionship of a new pet. Each of these animals have there own set of characteristics that make them individuals. If you can appreciate that in your new pet then you'll be able to form a strong bond again with your new pet. That all said, i wish you the best of luck and god bless remember your bird would want you happy hopefully my years of experience dealing with this will help ease your mind moving forward...(Hugs) :)

Nov 16, 2013
I know your pain
by: John

Im sorry for your loss. I also lost my beloved parakeet. I got him 2 months old (his name was BLUE)and i was 12 at that time. i hand tamed him and we became best friends instantaneously. He would wait for the door to open and would rush up my arm. on the weekends he would spend hours with me on my shoulder, "cleaning"/ playing with my hair,gently nibbling on my ear, or running across my shoulders playing Tag. He became my best friend. On school days i would get home feed him fruit and play with him before doing homework. Meanwhile i was doing homework he would patiently wait on his cage playing. One Wednesday afternoon, i was walking home and as soon as i stepped foot inside the house, my mom hugged really hard and said "dont cry..... but something happened to BLUE", i broke out of my mothers arms and ran to his cage in the backyard.
i opened the door, saw his cage empty; i paused, not knowing what or how to feel. i slowly approached it with my eyes getting puffy. I looked at the bottom of the cage and there BLUE laid, stiff. I broke down, my mother ran out and hugged me. She said, "your father came early from work and when he got here he heard BLUE panicking so he ran outside. HE opened the door and saw a hawk grabbing onto BLUE's cage. He hit the hawk and scared him off but he knew that the hawk had hurt BLUE. Your dad wanted to take him to the vet but when he took him out he didnt feel BLUE breathing anymore". I hugged my mom and cried and cried.

(My father ended up catching the hawk that same day. i wanted to kill him but i ended up letting it go because i couldn't do it)

I was depressed for a couple of weeks knowing i lost my best friend. He is still best friend and even though i now have another great friend, a cockatiel called Disco, i will never forget My little BLUE.

Feb 03, 2013
red bellied parrot willow
by: Anonymous

i have a red belly parrot. it is funny i named the brd willie thinking it was a male well to my surprise he is a she now named willow what a grt bird she is 15 laid her first egg. she is sweet and talks. now i have just purchased 2 males who are 6months old. but willow is smart igave her treats and she was beside herself. i love this bird to death. i hope the other two turn out like her

Apr 17, 2011
Love my red belly
by: Lone Star Lady

I have a red bellied parrot that will be 10 years old in December. I have had him since he was 12 weeks old. I got him from a breeder that had hand fed him from the time he was a couple of days old. He is so loving and a very funny bird. He is very smart. I spend a lot of time with him and he talks alot. About a 65 word vocabulary plus all of the different sounds. He is a hoot. He is very comical and loves to showoff. You can carry on a short conversation with him. He knows when to answere yes or no to questions and will ask "what are you doing?" I tell him what I am doing and aske him what he is doing and he will say "just sitting here". If I yawn, he will ask "are you sleepy?". If you sneeze he will make the sneezing noise and then he says "God bless you". I dearly love my little buddy. He likes my husband and will talk to him but he is deffinetly a one person bird. I would be totally lost without him now. He has his own place in our motorhome and loves to go on vacation with us.
I will say that the only way you can have this type of a relationship with your pet is to spend a lot of time with them. He is on my shoulder all the time when I am at home. He will really be spoiled when I am able to retire.
How you treat the bird depends on what type of pet you have.

Apr 11, 2011
I'm so sorry!
by: Chloe

I had gotten a cocaktiel from Petco about a year ago her name is Molly. I knew she looked sick becuase she was puffy, eyes half closed andeats a lot. But my mom said Molly wasn'y sick, but I knew she was.

So on my first day of school it was hard to leave her. My teacher made fun of Molly and my other Cockatiel, Albert. Also, my teacher said birds are 'ugly.' (Which hurt my feelings.)

After school at 10:00pm I found Molly's head the the water bowl! I ran to get my dad, he followed me and I picked up Molly's body. My dad and I walked to the kitchen at we set her down on the table. My dad was feeling Molly's body and she was still breathing! But then 5 minutes later we lost her...

...and I knew that she loved me.

Nov 07, 2010
I feel your pain
by: Lindy

The same thing happened to me, but kind of different. My bird was a parakeet. The animal that killed her was a cat. In the middle of the night i hearded my baby bird screach. i woke and saw the cat with him in his mouth. I remember i forgot to put him back when i was playing with him.He was my world. I was crushed for Weeks. He was a lovely bird and ONLY liked me. very tame. i loved him sooo much

Apr 02, 2010
i'm sorry
by: Anonymous

I understand what its like to lose a bird to a neighbors dog. The dog bit its neck and it broke it and i knew there was nothing i could do besides making my cockatiel as comfortable as possible as she was leaving me. I sat there for 5 excruciating minutes holding her in my hand while she was twitching and dying in my hands. 2nd worst day of my life. NEVER blame yourself for an animals death. Just learn from your mistake. I had confronted the neighbor about what had happened, and he put a fence up. Hopefully pet owners will be more responsible one day so it doesnt ever happen to anybody again. I hope your bird, and mine, are happy in bird heaven :) RIP Tasha (my cockatiel)

Mar 04, 2010
red bellied parrot
by: Anonymous

I work at a Veterinary clinic and I see alot of diversity in the animal world including humans. It is often that I see and hear blame. People have no idea what species dog they have how could a child be blamed for not knowing the type of bird she has. Don't make accusations instead try giving advise that helps educate.

Dec 26, 2009
as family
by: Anonymous

You more then well have my understanding and I am soooo sorry for your loss. It brought me to tears. I know what you are feeling. Our neighbors cat jumped in the window and got one of our birds.This is how I know,What you are going through.They become part of your family. But its good that you told this story, It will make people rember maybe so they don't make the same mistake. Best of luck. Monica

Apr 09, 2009
Not a time for blame
by: Anonymous

Thank you for standing up to the "basher". Accidents happen very quickly, for adults and children alike. I can't stand judgemental people.

Dec 22, 2008
I'm so sorry
by: Anonymous

Your story really touched my heart,and I'm so sorry for your loss. You should not feel guilty, and no, i don't think you were irresponsible at all. Accidents just happen - and they do happen to EVERYONE! Please don't listen to that mean-spirited person who chided you. If your dad could afford to buy you a $400 bird, it is reasonable to expect that he wouldn't be able to afford $400 more for another one. I don't understand that "seriously, how old are you" person - you loved your conure and you wanted one of the same type to replace it. That doesn't imply that you place the value of your pets by how much they cost.

Sep 29, 2008
. . .
by: Anonymous

It might've been a crimson-bellied conure . . . maybe . . .

I have a red-bellied parrot of my own, Kaylee, I'm sorry for your loss.

I hope, if you did indeed get that other bird, he or she is/will be an equally adorable companion. Loss is difficult.

Sep 12, 2008
by: Anonymous

This is a really sad story.
Did you end up getting that other bird?

Jul 19, 2008
seriously, how old are you?
by: Anonymous

Red Bellied Parrots are not conures...and basically, you've just shown you're an irresponsible pet owner who values pets based on their cost. How could your daddy have bought you a Red Bellied Parrot if he wasn't willing to shell out 400 for the next bird? Doesn't sound likely, unless the bird wasn't yours to begin with. ---, they should screen these stories.

Editors note:

This is not a place to bash people, it is a place for everyone to learn from other bird owner's experiences.

I do screen the stories and comments. I am not sure if Kaylee meant a Red Bellied Parrot or maybe even a Green Cheeked Conure, that has a "red" belly. It is obvious that she is young and may not know. I chose to put it as a Red Bellied Parrot.

I agree, she was not responsible, but you notice she admits she was the problem. I hope others will read her story and take warning.

As far as the money goes, I guess we disagree there. She doesn't say she values the bird by price, she just said she liked the bird and her dad said it cost more than he would pay. When the "vendor" (I don't like markets) took a lower price it seems he may have purchased the bird.

I would like to purchase a Cockatoo someday, but can not afford the bird or the vet bills right now. Does that make me someone who values a bird by it's price?

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