Ann had a cold

by Hillary Martin
(Columbia, SC)

Well, Ann had a sneeze with a little clear product and I had I fit and got her to the only Avian vet I know the very same day, Dr. Greg Brown in Columbia, S.C. He had never seen her, as she is new to my home, and was so impressed with her age and her health he almost forgot she had a cold. He said she was in great condition for any Amazon, let alone one that old. Said she was probably wild born, and who knows what sex? It doesn't matter, Ann will never breed. He said she is a tad fat, but her poos are great and her broken wrist (!) isn't a problem, she just can't fly.

Dr. Greg said my dad did a great job with the bird, had her so cozy in a towel she thought she liked it, said that she needed a vitamin A shot which is pretty common and a good reason to get a check up, because who knew? Not me, anyway.

So I'm proud of my dad and I'm thrilled with Dr. Greg Brown and for only $60 and he's not on your list of Avian vets. Even his techs are knowledgeable and good with the birds. There was a 20 pound Iguana in there, as well. Ann is 4.4 pounds. Little fatty.

Also, Greg gave me the name of a rescue here in town where I can find a bird to replace Mozeltov and give another bird a chance to recover.

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Feb 11, 2010
Ann had a cold
by: Linda

Wonderful to hear about your sweet Ann, and sounds like she has found a great home with someone committed to her greater good. Amazons do tend to get fat, and their food intake has to be watched. If you can start changing her over to a pelleted diet, unless you already have her on one, she'll do better, though you'll still have to watch how much you feed. Our Amazons have been eating Harrison's for 16-17 years now, and have done very well on it. They have few if any trips to the vet, and feathers and skin are healthy and bright. They are Red-Lored Amazons. They are both a little chunky, and we have been in the slow process of trimming them down some. They don't get a lot of exercise as they are in mid to late 30's and prefer looking out window and eating to anything active (MY BIRDS FOR SURE).

Just remember to NOT feed Amazon ANY table food or human snacks as this will cause weight gain. Amazons have a tendency to die from fatty liver disease caused from eating too much of anything and getting fat. Feed a healthy diet of organic pellets, and you can mix some of the ones Tracie carries out here. We feed Harrisons primarily, and also mix in some of the Golden Feast Goldn'obles as they like the different taste, textures and shapes. We also bake up Harrisons' Birdy Bread mix and feed that every other day as a special treat. If you buy the mix, get the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil to put in the mix, and also add 2 eggs and some water, bake, and you can keep some in frig for up to a week, and in freezer up to 6 months. We bake, cool, slice and freeze. We thaw out a day or two's worth at a time so it's always fresh.

Be careful doing the rescues because it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the special needs birds. They each need a lot of time, money and sheer energy as most of them have lived in abusive/neglectful homes, have physical problems needing to be addressed and need to be on one of the organic, high quality pelleted diets sold out here. The prices and shipping here are the best on the internet because I had spent much time looking before actually buying anywhere. The foods are always dated way out, and arrive quickly and in BEST condition. The organics are still more expensive than some of their lower-priced, lower-quality sisters, though birds do much better on them than anything else. We've run the gamut over the last years, and always have to come back to Harrisons because bird's condition starts to go down feeding any other brands that are NOT organic.

Anyway, keep in touch with us, as we are always here to support good people in their commitment to helping the parrot world one bird at a time. We will look forward to more about your Ann and any other sweeties you feel you can afford to take in.

Linda, Eli and Stella

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