Another budgie

by Mary

Hi how are you? My budgie is really terrortorial and Im worried about her hurting my friends budgie because she will attack the mirror in her cage and everything you put near her including new people. thanks

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Dec 08, 2009
budgie problems
by: budigekisses9

I agree with Hillary but if you want to adopt anthor budgie you should buy an another cage. Do you play with her much? Mabey you should give her more "playtime" (with you)

Dec 08, 2009
Parakeet murder
by: Hillary

They do! Don't put another budgie in there! I've told that story here before. I had one female for 7 years that killed three mates and all but one of her many babies. A single stab to the heart. Well placed. dang them. So pretty.

Dec 07, 2009
opening up mouth wide and moving head
by: Linda

I don't know why your friend's budgie is going to be in your home. If you two are thinking of having a "play date" with your birds, please forget all about it! Birds cannot have play dates as the other bird will bring different bacterias and or other possibilities for yours and theirs getting sick. Never take your bird outside your home to anyone's house and never allow them to bring their bird over to your house. Birds are very delicate, and this is a very bad idea.If you need to board your bird with someone, always take your bird to Avian vet first and get a note from them saying your bird is healthy. People who board birds require this before they will allow new birds on the premises.

If you are keeping the bird for them for a while, have them take their bird to an Avian Vet to make sure it has no infections before it comes to your home.

DO NOT ALLOW THESE TWO BIRDS TO BE TOGETHER EITHER INSIDE THE CAGE OR OUTSIDE THE CAGE. The other people will have to bring their bird's cage as well as a note from the Avian Vet that their bird is healthy. They may want you to do the same thing before they leave their bird with you.

Please, never, ever put a strange bird into cage with your bird. The budgies are aggressive little birds, and will kill each other if they decide to do so.

Thanks for writing,

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