Another happy customer with a very happy bird!

I just received my shipment of toys today and I'm very happy with them, and so is my African Grey! When I hung the toys in his cage he happily climbed in (for the first time ever!) and played with all of his new toys for over an hour straight.

Shipping was very fast (I ordered on a Tuesday and got the toys on Friday) not to mention the prices are outstanding, I paid about $80 (including shipping) for 8 toys that would probably have cost me close to $200 in an average pet store. My only complaint is that one of the toys I received was wrong, I ordered the "Shooting Stars" toy and in its place I received a Yucca Ring toy. I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if the toy I ordered was out of stock or something but the Yucca Ring seems to be my bird's favorite out of the toys we got so I'm not too worried about it!

I will definitely be buying from Parrot and Conure World again and I'll recommend it to all of my friends!

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Apr 17, 2009
Thanks and you got the correct item
by: Tracie

Thanks for the "happy" comment!

I looked at your order and you did order the Yucca Ring - GW01225 , so I am glad your bird likes it! Many bird like the yucca because it is fun to chew and destroy. LOL

We never substitute items without asking first. We have made mistakes though! I am glad your bird is a happy camper.


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