answers to last straw with my vet.

by Jessica
(Groves, Texas)

I do not have a picture from they way his feathers looked before. Because of the fact that we do not want him to die, we refilled the prescription which is a mix of ivomec and chlorhexidine solution. 4oz..we have to spray him with the solution every day till its gone.

I physically can not see any mites nor eggs. We have had an infestation before so we know what it looks like. This looks nothing like mites. The vet took a scraping of his feathers and put the scraping under a microscope. We didnt get to see anything. When we spray him his feathers look great they dont feel crunchy and they are not sticking off his head like spikes done with styling gel. He also doesn't act sick when he is being treated, before he did. So much in fact that we quarantined him so the others wont get sick. But if we were to stop just like before his symptoms will come back, he will look like some one rolled him through styling gel, wont sing and wont perch on one foot. I hope this helps more than before.

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Sep 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

wow, one angry bird in a reply there lol....forget posts you dislike rather than attacking & YELLING in replies :) Not all your posts were visible at te time of posting. Sheesh. Take a chill pill.

Sep 08, 2012
one last thing
by: Jessica

In my first comment shown on this page. It was answers to questions to that The Vet on this site Asked me to post so that they could see them.

Thanks Again DR.B

Sep 08, 2012
whos arguing?
by: Anonymous

I simply said we took him to Another AVIAN VET, and it IS NOT A MOLT. He has TRICHOMONOUS. He is being treated at the vet in houston texas and we get to take him home in a week. That is not arguing it is stating a FACT from an AVIAN VET who currently has my bird. Again thankyou every one who gave comments on their opinion. I am glad he is now being treated properly. And as for the first vet, he was turned into the BBB. I am also looking into a law suit because he could have killed my bird.

Editor's note: The person posted at the same time as you and did NOT see your post before posting. ;-)

Sep 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I agree, sounds nothing more than a simple moult the birds going through....

Using meds for one thing that may not even be the problem could cause a lot more health issues than you bargained for.

And finally, if you're not happy with your vets finding, get a second opinion instead of arguing with everyone else on here that you know what you're talking about....You did ask for advice after all :)))

Sep 07, 2012
second opinion
by: Anonymous

He is an avian vet. And this is no molt. We took him to another avian vet in Houston today. It is trichomonous. Hes being treated there and we should hopefully get to take him home in a week or so. Thankyou foe the help and the advise

Sep 07, 2012
Answers to last straw with my vet.
by: Anonymous

I feed my birds dried chili peppers which I buy at the bird shops.

This prevents mites when the bird eats it. I would use that. I would def seek a second opinion about your bird's condition.

It is still molting season... this could be the issue. in which case some vitamins would be a great help in order to help supplament him during this time.

My bird gets Sunshine Factor. It's $10 a bottle from the vets.

Try finding an AVIAN vet... one that specializes in birds. They can give you better answers.

Editor's note: You can read about Sunshine factor at this link, and purchase at your avian vet: organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor

Sep 07, 2012
Chlorhexidine not to be ingested
by: The Avian Vet

I think that your bird is on a molt. Your description is telling. I recommend that you stop spraying with this spray. First, he is going to over dose on ivermectin when he preens. And chlorhexidine is not supposed to be taken internally and spraying him will lead to ingestion. You need to go and get a second opinion or send me a picture.

Dr B
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