aphrodisiac :) - breeding question

are there any foods that will get my birds more in the mood? I herd something about egg shells, do you know anything about that?

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Jun 27, 2015
Aphrodisiac's for Parrots
by: Kim

Just wondering if anyone knows whether strawberries are aphrodisiacs for parrots as I have my parrot some on Tuesday and he did the mating call and attacked my mum and today I've given him another one and he is acting differently slightly

Jul 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

A good aphrodisiac is well balanced DIET. Breeding parrots do require higher protein & calcium in their diets. This is found in pellets & other foods.

Eggs is high in protein & calcium. It needs to be boiled hard (20 mins or so), crush & give to the birds. It is the hen that requires the most in a diet since she will be the one who will be laying the eggs & hatching them.

Jul 13, 2012
good info.
by: Anonymous

Thank you, I am working very hard on that part. Do you know anything about giving egg/egg shell to your parrots?

Jul 12, 2012
aphrodisiac :) - breeding question
by: Linda

The only aphrodisiac is called a well balanced high quality diet of organic pellets. Birds not in perfect condition will not breed. Breeding birds is not about what will make them want sex. Breeding with any bird or animal is about keeping the species alive and only that. Unhealthy birds are not capable of having the extreme energy it takes to raise babies.

All potential breeders have to be on a high quality diet at least a year or more before attempted breeding. High quality diet is organic pellets like Harrison'sfound here. All seed diets are slow starvation, and even if birds do breed while starving to death, the babies will be weak and sickly possibly not making it.

We also recommend a trip to Avian Vet for both birds before any breeding programs are put into place because sick birds will pass on whatever they have to their babies. Avian Vet will check for both bacterial and viral infection, and in the beginning stages of both, bird caretakers are not likely to see any glaring physical evidence of infection, so exams before breeding and once a year for all birds is recommended.

So, your birds will breed when they are brought into the perfect physical condition required to do so. Breeding is physically draining for the hens, so one not in perfect condition will either die or be sick and unable to care for any offspring. You will need to do a lot more study before trying to breed birds, and these two are either not in good condition or are not old enough to breed. Cockies, Conures and similar size birds have to be at least two years' old before attempting breeding. Hens do not mature enough to be able to safely lay eggs until then. The larger the bird, the older it must be before breeding.

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Editor's note: Linda has been breeding birds for over 25 years.

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