apple cider vinegar in water?

by Val

My avian vet suggested I put organic apple cider vinegar in my bird water and then I read someone here say not to do it. Why?

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Mar 09, 2018
by: Anonymous

ACV is known in the "bird" world across the board to be a good supplement in their water. Check with your vet on how much. Many vets recommend it. Great for chickens and fowl in general. In addition, great for humans! (=

Jan 03, 2017
by: Lesley

I recently took my beautiful Alexandrian boy to the vet because of a poop problem. He was prescribed ACV and probiotics. How long before I should notice an improvement? I am so worried about him!

Dec 28, 2013
saveing a buck
by: Anonymous

I think that if you can save $$$$$$ for visting a vet than fallow your owen steps I owen large birds and give em vinegar water 1/2 spoon in a gal water befor the breeding sea./after the breeding and thay are looking good worms free

Nov 27, 2010
ACV in pets water
by: Anonymous

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to a Pet Birds drinking water is a good idea even if your bird is in perfect health. ACV us a natural antibacterial, it also contains many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It will help prevent any harmful bacteria from growing in your birds water in between changes. It is perfectly safe and non toxic. I am unsure of what point the lost comment was trying to get across in relation to the actual question, but your vet is most certainly right, there are many benefits to using ACV!

Oct 17, 2009
apple cider vinegar
by: Linda

The person that said not to do that is me, and I explained why. Your bird MUST be taken to an Avian vet first for a diagnosis and treatment plan. If the vet thinks the vinegar is appropriate, then they will tell you that.

More birds have been harmed and killed because someone says to do something, and these people are NOT licensed, trained Avian Vets. What works for one bird may not work for another bird.

Please take your bird in to see an Avian vet in your area, and find out what is going on with your bird. Never give any kind of meds or supplements because SOMEONE SAID for you to do it. Birds are killed all the time by well-meaning people deciding they are the doctors and giving their birds all manner of over the counter drugs, home remedies.

An Avian vet can examine your bird as a "whole" being and check for other problems that may be causing what sounded like a fungal yeast infection. Until you have had your bird thoroughly examined by an Avian vet, do not give him/her ANYTHING except good food and clean water.

So, since none of us except Dr. B are Avian vets, we will never tell you to use any home remedies or over the counter drugs with your birds. We always highly recommend you take your bird in to Avian vet to be thoroughly examined BEFORE any kind of medicines or supplements are given. The vet will be able to diagnose your bird's immediate problem which MAY BE the fungal infection, and they will also try and find the CAUSE of the infection which sometimes is with bird's food or an allergy to something in the home.

Always keep in mind that people will ALWAYS be giving you this and that advice. TAKE YOUR BIRD TO A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL FOR ANSWERS AND FOR ANY MEDICATIONS. Avian vets, like all vets and people doctors can make mistakes, and so it is always good to get a second opinion if you are left with questions or the treatment program seems to not be working. PLEASE TAKE YOUR BIRD TO AN AVIAN VET, AND THE SOONER THE BETTER.

Thanks for writing,

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