Appropriate Cage for 2 Tiels

by Melissa

I have to female tiels that house together well. Im looking to upgrade their cage to a more spacious cage for the two of them, the one I have right now is very narrow in depth. What are features I should AND shouldn't look for to accommodate my girls?

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Jul 10, 2011
Bird cage size and shape matters
by: Anonymous

Those are all good suggestions but no one mentioned that rounded cage sides and tops are not for cockatiels. They don't like them. How would you feel if you couldn't even find a corner to feel safe in? Nor do they like a rounded top to sit on. It's difficult to stay on a rounded cage top and play with toys!!

Jun 27, 2011
by: Melissa

Thanks a bunch, I was wondering about bar spacing.

Jun 24, 2011
Appropriate Cage for 2 Tiels
by: Linda

I've always kept two Tiels in a 4 foot square cage, but these were homemade jobs, so don't know if you can find any like that or not. As Tracie said, you have to keep wire spacing where they can get a toe or two easily in and out, but not so small they get a toe or toes caught. Heads should not be able to go through any type of wire or bars as sometimes they get head caught, panic, and break their necks, so keep with type of spacing for birds of their size. If you want to have a cage made, 1" by 1" stainless welded wire cloth of a nice heavy gauge would be great. It would also cost a lot of money for a good grade of stainless plus a bottom tray or two.

The other treat for them will be safe natural wood branch perches, and Manzanita holds up really well. When wet, some of the red tends to come off on a cloth, so it will also get on bird's feet when they are sprayed with a plant sprayer which is how my birds get their baths. It does not hurt them as the Manzanita is all non toxic wood. It tends to have larger cracks, and these can be filled with two part epoxy outside and left to gas out for about a week before putting into cage. Toenails can get caught in the larger cracks, so you may want to go with another kind of wood. The two part epoxy is avian vet approved so long as it is done outside and wood left outside for about a week to dry and gas out before putting in cage. After that, it is waterproof and non toxic. My Amazons never chew on their perches as they have wooden toys hung in cage to chew on. Once dry the two part epoxy is non toxic.

As Tracie said, the larger the cage the better because ideally, they get the most exercise from flying from side to side/front to back not up and down, so a cage that is deep and wider than it is high is also ideal. Check out some of the ones Tracie suggested here and go for bigger rather than smaller. Birds should have enough room on each side of them to fully extend and flap their wings which is also good exercise. With two birds, this means a quite wide and deep cage. Height is not so important though you'll need to make sure whatever you have cage on puts birds up to eye level with you because cages that put them below our eye level make them feel afraid all the time.

Really happy to hear from you and post a picture of your girls' in their new cage when you can!


Jun 24, 2011
Cage for 2 cockatiels
by: Tracie

Purchase the largest cage you can both afford and have room for. The more room they have for toys and movement the healthier they will be.

Purchase a name brand cage. Our Discount Parrot Cages have their powder coating tested every year here in the united states.

The minimum size cage should be 23 x 23 for two birds, in my opinion. Make sure the bar spacing is less than 1" and if the birds get to come out to play, purchase a cage with a play top.

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