Ara my severe macaw.

by Zalona

This is not my bird but it is a severe macaw.

This is not my bird but it is a severe macaw.

Ara my severe macaw.In one word awesome!I love Ara to death.She is awesome in so many ways.1 she is so loving and cuddly 2 she is NOT a one person bird by any stretch of the imagination 3 she is so smart and talkative.If you want a bird consider a severe.I purchased Ara from a breeder(canopy creatures)who hand feed her and socialized her at a young age.Which made her very easy to handle.

Now about Aras personalty.
Playful,goofy,friendly,nice and oh so social.If she can reach it shes chewing on it.She has many tricks like fireman(sliding down poles and ropes)aerobatic bird(standing strait up by nothing but her beak)and wee(she grabs your finger with her feet and you pick her her up by your finger).We are still working on bath time last time she dove strait in to the tub head first and since then bath time is hard.

Now about living with Ara.
she is a great companion what more can I say.

Ara is my baby and I love her so much.
If you are gonna buy a bird get her/him from a trained registered breeder.The best way to find a breeder and bird is on

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Feb 16, 2009
Its me agin
by: Anonymous

Hello this is zalona.I forgot to tell you guys here vocabulary.She is not a year old yet but she can say ouch hello ara and meow like a cat.

Feb 12, 2009
Severe Macaw
by: Amy

Hi Zalona,
We also have a severe macaw named Calypso. I agree with you about all the acrobatics and funny things they get themselves into. Our severe has a tall metal playstand that she comes out to play on every night. We have hung some toys on it, including a roll of adding machine paper (her favorite) and large olympic rings, which she jumps onto and swings back and forth. She started talking when she was 2 years old. Her vocabulary is simple, "bye bye", "good bye", "good-night", "hello", "hi", "uh-huh", "ok", and "step-up" She laughs a lot too.
She also moves her head from side to side and says, "huh?", "I don't know". She's very cute. Everyone in my family loves her. Good luck with Ara. I know you'll enjoy her! By the way, this site (Parrot Supply Store) sells Calypso's favorite food - Goldenfeast Carribean Bounty. They have a great price on it and it is always delivered very fresh.

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