Are Green Cheeked Conures nippy?

by L J

Hi, Is it true that green cheeks are nippy birds-more than other conures? They fit my needs for a pet for personality, noise level, and size, but I keep hearing about how much they bite. I know that all parrots can bite but I don't want to buy a bird that is too nippy to handle and have to be afraid that it will attack every time I try to interact with it. Thanks!

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Feb 03, 2009
Green Cheek
by: Cherree

We have a green cheek called charlie and he has a huge personality and is so much fun he isnt noisy hes 5 months old he can talk already he says "weres charlie" "what are you doing " and he also calls out to our cockatiel "sparky sparky" .
He is a bit nippy at times but its not enough to hurt you he is toilet trained ! We just sit him back in his cage after hes been out for awhile and tell him to have a poo he does and then we let him out again. He like to be on us all the time and with us .
I would highly recommend a green cheek Charlie is so much fun and loves to be with people but he does get lots and lots of human contact everyday and by every member of the family at night he falls asleep in my daughters hand on his back while she scratches him or he snuggles in to her in bed and go's to sleep .

Oct 26, 2008
Are GC Conures nippy birds?
by: Tracie

Yes, they do have a reputation for being nippy. They are worst the first year and then not bad at all after that, if you have worked with them and not rewarded them for nipping you. They are not quiet birds, that is a myth. They are only quiet compared to an Amazon or Cockatoo maybe. They don't have the volume of the bigger birds either. My two Green Cheeked Conures are very loud and irritating every day.

When we leave the room, a bird makes noise outside, someone comes in the house, we are eating and they want what we have, the fan is running two rooms away on the stove top and many more instances cause them to scream. We have a very long house with lots of doorways. The birds are in a converted carport that is now my office. That room has a sliding glass door that is double paned. I can leave the room, shut the double paned door, walk to the complete other end of our 2000+ square foot house with 3 doors shut in between me and them and still hear them screaming.

If you want a fun, cute, quiet bird, I suggest you try to find a hand fed, hand tame Bourke's Parakeet. They make quiet sounds, learn to repeat whistles, are smart, inquisitive and a LOT of fun. Our Rosey Bourke's Parakeet is THE favorite bird in the house. It would rather be on us or running around on the floor than anything else. It is hard to find one that is hand fed and raised. Most people think they are boring birds because if they are not hand tame they just sit in their cage looking pretty. They hardly even play with toys. Our bird preens and sleeps mostly when it is not out with us.

Another great bird is the Lineolated Parakeet. If purchased as hand fed and hand tame, it will stay tame even if you don't handle them every day. They look a lot like Budgies. Have you looked at our Parrot Profile pages?

At the bottom of the different species pages there are stories written about the different birds that give you more of an idea of what it is like to live with them.

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