Are Hand-fed Rosellas tame?

by Kevin Danahy
(Belleville, Ontario)

Hello, I was just wondering if hand fed rosellas remain tame with lots of attention? I have hand fed many other birds, and so I have no problam with that, it's just, i was wondering if rosellas remain tame?

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Oct 04, 2010
Are Hand-fed Rosellas tame?
by: Linda

Kevin, there should be no problem with a Rosella remaining tame if it was handfed as a baby. The only time birds will revert back to their inherent wild nature is if they are neglected and given no attention for a long time after being handfed and tame. The Ringneck Parakeet is one of the ones who reverts quickly back to their wild selves if left without handling for a shorter time period.

So, if you are planning on handling your bird everyday, then there should be no problem. Of course, all parrots' behaviors change somewhat once they reach maturity, and I'm sure you are familiar with this. Males will attempt to attach to a human female and females will attach to human males unless they have other birds around for company. Sometimes, the behavior changes are quite drastic and other times very mild, and this depends entirely on the individual bird. It is never a good idea to have one bird in a room all alone because they are flock animals and enjoy having company. Another bird does not need to be inside same cage, but does need to be in the room in its own cage and where they can talk and see each other.

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