Are Mr. Coffee coffee filters safe fro shredding

Hi, I recently found some tips on makeing home made toys for my birds. I purchased a box of Mr coffee coffee filters and colored with food coloring. But I am not sure if the filter itself is save, the box doesnt mention if bleached or un bleached. And I cannot find eny info on line that would clarify.
If anyone knows please advise.

thank you

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Nov 10, 2009
Using paper towel rolls
by: Bill M

I heard that paper towel rolls/bath tissue rolls/cardboard cracker boxes and cereal boxes are treated with bug killer to keep bugs from eating the contents. Also the glue used to keep the towels on the roll may contain Zinc.
I lost an African Grey of 20 years old that I brought up, from kidney failure. She loved to tear boxes and rolls apart, but my vet said that this may have damaged her kidneys. I miss her ssooooooo much!!!
Please be careful with rolls and boxes!!

Nov 03, 2009
Are Mr. Coffee coffee filters safe fro shredding
by: Linda

Hi, and thanks for writing!

The white filters are bleached, and the brown or tan ones are not. I'd go with the tan ones. Another good toy product is used paper towel rolls which can be flattened and cut smaller for your Cockie. Then just press on it to bring back the round shape. It will last a little longer than the coffee filters though they are good for variety. As for the food coloring, I'd just leave it off unless you are rinsing the excess out of it before giving to birds. With the tan, it is already colored, and you could use some Crayola Washable Paint. I buy them in the 16 ounce size as I make a lot of wooden toys for our Amazons. You can paint little flowers, hearts and such on wood or paper if it's a little thicker. I've been using them for years, and they are non-toxic and washable. When toys are washed, there is always some fading, and that is okay too as it colors the white rope I use. Always use 100% cotton rope for your bird's toys. We get the 1/4" size which fits through a 3/8" or larger hole in wooden toy pieces.

Again, thanks for writing and happy toy making!

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