Are Peanuts ok?

by Rikki-lee

Hi there, I have read over and over again that peanuts are fine to feed your bird in small amounts, but I have also read over and over again that they are not? can someone please clarify this for me as i am confused!!!!

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Feb 08, 2012
Don't feed peanuts to birds
by: Tracie

Peanuts are notorious for having mold spores in them. Yes, all nuts have this possibility, but peanuts grow in the ground and often have mold spores in them. You can't wash away or kill the mold, so it is just safer to NOT feed peanuts.

Feeding your bird moldy food and allowing them to bathe in a water dish that sits in the cage all day is the main cause of aspergillus and bacterial infections.

Peanuts are high in fat, and not healthy for birds anyway, so if feeding a treat it seems that picking a healthier treat is just a good idea.

So avoiding high fat foods, nuts and food that may have mold spores and using a water bottle instead of a dish for water will lower your chances of needing to take your bird to the vet for illness.

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