are they fertilized eggs?

by Cassie Dominguez
(El Paso, Texas U.S)

my two cockatoos laid eggs about a month and a half ago. One of them laid 10 the other one 4 and i also have a male. For the first month the one that had 10 eggs sat on them then stop so i pretty much gave them to the other one and they are always warm..

But today i saw a broken egg like it had some yellow stuf in their in it was dry... Also another eggs was gray so i separated it from the other ones.. but how can i know if they have something inside. I put them in the light and i can see something yellow but its only like either on the pointy part of the egg or at the larger part at the bottom and it looks like its not a liquid substance. So do you think they are still alive..??

Thank You

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Jan 07, 2012
Are eggs fertile?
by: Tracie

Be very careful with broken eggs. If you bird eats the broken egg, it could die.

It is not my business, I know, but I would like to encourage you to NOT allow these birds to breed. You need to get some breeding experience by helping another breeder and studying all you can first. You stand the chance at losing the hen and/or the chicks from your lack of experience.

Here is a website for candling eggs.

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