Are trace minerals recommended

I have recently begun making purchases at an online store. Each time they ship, they have included a free sample of other products. "AviVita Plus" and "Trace Minerals for Birds". I think these are similar products to each other. Is it recommended to give to my birds? (Budgies, Moustache Parakeet and Peachfront Conure). Also, does age make a difference in the need for something like this?

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Aug 12, 2013
Quality pellets provide balanced nutrition
by: The Avian Vet

Supplements are not en effective way to get balanced nutrition into your birds. To provide a complete and balanced diet, You need to feed a formulated or pelleted diet. Pellets should be 80% of the diet; the other 20% should be healthy treats such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. If your birds are not on a pellet diet, then you need to convert them. I have attached one method used to convert them. The best to feed is Harrison's. Another good option is Roudybush. There are no others that I recommend.

Attempting to balance an incomplete diet using supplements is not effective because the correct dose cannot be administered accurately and consistently, and because the supplements are not consistently ingested (and sometimes not all, as in the case of putting powered vitamin or mineral supplement onto a dry food such as seeds - the power sifts to the bottom of the bowl, and none stick to the seeds or your birds' dry tongue.

Vitamin and mineral supplements should never be fed to birds who are eating a pellet diet. The additional nutrients added to the already complete diet will overdose birds with multiple nutrients, potentially causing grave health risk.

It is not recommended to give these sample products to your birds. Age does have an effect on birds, however, age is irrelevant because recommend not using supplements at all.

Dr B
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