What does it mean when a cockatoo puffs its feathers and starts squawking? It sounds like they're trying to speak and it's usually in response to other arguing words. Are they just mimicking, or is this an actual part of their behavior? Good or bad? Thanks!

You can see an example by looking up "bella argues with mom" on youtube.

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Nov 04, 2011
Thank you~
by: Ri-Ri

Oh, she's not mine. I was just curious about the video cause I thought it was funny but I wasn't sure what it meant. Thanks for the answer though!

Nov 01, 2011
U2 arguing
by: Anonymous

I watched your video and first of all, you U2 is gorgeous!!

I wouldn't recommend pointing a finger in a bird's face, it intimidates them.

Your U2 is actually playing with you. Just love the cockatoos.

But Bella looks like she is happy and very much loved.

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