arthritis (budgies)

by Rebecca
(sydney Australia)

I have a beautiful 5 year old boy budgie that has just started to get arthritis in his legs & is unable to walk or stand up & weighs 55g which im trying to put him on a diet,but he still manages to fly eat & drink is there any way i can help him as i cant afford to take him to the vet

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Nov 12, 2009
Bird stiff
by: The Vet

Your bird may or may not have arthritis. There are many different diseases and problems that can cause these symptoms. Certainly being overweight is going to contribute to arthritis and other problems. There is nothing over the counter that I can recommend, especially since we do not have a diagnosis. The best thing to do is have him seen by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Nov 12, 2009
arthritis (budgies)
by: Linda

Unless you can afford to take him to an Avian Vet, I don't know what help we can offer you.

If bird has been on all seed diet, his nutritional needs have not been met his entire life. You could try and change him over to a high quality pellet like Harrison's.

You also CANNOT starve your bird, so let him eat whatever you have for him until you can get him on a better diet.

Diet is the most important aspect of having a bird as a pet, and I suggest you buy some of the Harrisons in his size grind and begin to try and change him over to them. At 5 years old, he should still have more years left to him. If he becomes so crippled he cannot sit on a perch, then you will need to put him in a cage with clean unprinted newspapers or paper towels in the bottom, and these will need to be changed often or he will be living in his own poop.

If he is still flying, that is good, and it may be that a new diet with a wholesome, organic pellet will help him some. Arthritis is hard to treat and seldom clears up without some type of medication that can be given only by an Avian Vet.

So, to sum up, we cannot do anything except suggest you get him on a better diet, and please do not starve this bird. If arthritis is already present (don't know until he's seen by an Avian Vet) it is going to do NO GOOD to starve your bird. Years of a bad diet may be literally killing him, so don't withhold food as these small birds cannot live long without food and water.

Sorry we cannot be of more help, and we have to advocate taking him to the nearest Avian Vet to have him diagnosed and treated. It could be arthritis, and it could be a toxin that is poisoning him, so we have no way of knowing what is really wrong here and neither do you.


Nov 12, 2009
Arthritis In Bird Legs
by: Patti Stalma

I have a Yellow Nape that developed arthritis in her legs. She became very clumsy and started falling, like she lost her balance. She became extremely inactive from this, and it atrophied her thigh muscles. She must have had it for some time and because birds hide illness we did not catch on until she was falling, as she had a bacterial infection for a while and we thought she was weak from that. I took her to an Avian specialist 2 hours away, as I was extremely concerned as I have had her for 35 years. She was put on an anti-inflamatory and it helped to a certain extent, but she was still not able to move around. He then also put her on pain medication. She has been on it for 2 days now and has shown some improvement. He told me she will never be 100% again. I have limited her vertical space in her cage, put padding on the new higher bottom and put newspaper over the padding, wrapped all her perches with perch wrap to cushion them, and moved her dishes up high right beside her perch so she does not have to climb to reach them, I have a bird safe heater by her cage so she can stay warm as they need additional heat. I bought her a heated perch, but may have to return it as it it made from hard plastic so they cannot chew it- which makes it very slippery and she cannot stay on it. After giving her the pain meds she is able to move around some what. If your bird is in pain it will not move around, and it's leg muscles will waste away. You need to get it some relief so it begins to use its legs again or it will get to the point that it cannot even stand any more, and then you are in big trouble. I read that you can get an old cotton sock and put rice in it and warm it in the microwave. They said to then hang it off the perch for warmth. Making sure it is not too hot that the bird will get burned from the heat is important. If you can just get her to an Avian Dr. to get her some meds that will help the situation. If not the quality of her life will continue to deteriorate. I hope your bird gets better. I never knew or thought my bird would get arthritis in her legs, but unlike a dog or cat that can lay down to alleviate the pain- a bird has to stand. Good Luck- let us know if you find anything that helps.

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