Artificial Lighting for Indoor Birds

by Rebecca
(Gardnerville, NV)

I have a game bird that is kept strictly indoors, except for dust baths outside in the summer time. We also have a cockatiel in the same situation. I will also be getting finches in the near future, which will be kept indoors. What kind of artificial lighting would you recommend for them?

I found the Avian Sun floor lamp and the fluorescent full spectrum bulb on your website. Would you recommend these or something else? Also, I read in an article that 2 long bulbs are required in order to fulfill their light needs. Is this true?? Or does it depend on the watts and K of the bulb?

I know that good lighting is important for several reasons and that they should not live without it... I am just uneducated as to what to choose. HELP!!! I want to make the right decision, for my feathered companions.

Please advise...

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Jan 04, 2011
Full spectrum lighting for birds
by: Tracie

The Zoo Med is great, as are the other full spectrum lighting possibilities. It doesn't matter if the bulb is long or a spiral bulb. The over the cage lighting, just provides more space for the bird to be in the light, instead of needing to be on a specific perch to get the light.

The information at the link below really explains it all...

full spectrum lighting for birds

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