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Nov 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

This website is so cool! It helped me decide about getting a cockatiel or not. Thank you to whomever made this website!

Jul 26, 2009
Ash the cockatiel
by: nancy birdy person

Thank You Cora. I would appreciate more pointers from you. Thank You

Jan 19, 2009
lovely story
by: Anonymous

My sons girlfriend gave us her tiel when she was holidaying in katmandu, we loved this tiel very much as she was very friendly and happy. Unfortunately one morning when I woke up to feed her, I found her dead. We were devastated and didn't know what to do or to say to my son's GF. Anyway cut the story short, I went to nearby vet shop and bought this 6 months old tiel and I tried very hard to find and buy a bird which would look like exactly the same. I named this tiel TOOKY, kepping my hopes high that my son's GF will love this bird.

Anyway she returned from Katmandu,but she refused to take Tooky stating it was allright for us to keep Tooky. Tooky eventually became ours, and got to learn a lot of treaks including throwing my husband's playing cards around and sitting on my knees looking under my skirt and whistle.

Tooki one morning found her way out of the cage and in one split second opportunity flew away from our kitchen door and disappeared into bushy trees behind the house...she never returned. I cried for days and days, and called her name maybe Tooky could hear...but she never returned back to us.

Now I have another tiel called Tooky. Although Tooky No.2 is not as intelligent as my beloved Tooky, but I still Love her as much as Iloved Tooky. I'm going to buy a male companion for Tooky and see if she would settle better, as I have noticed that she is looking for a company by making noises and flapping her wings....

Nov 08, 2007
by: Anonymous

Your tiel looks and sounds brilliant.

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