At what age should i start the training of my Alex.

by Subodh
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.)

Alexandrine Parakeet

Alexandrine Parakeet

Hi All, I am Subodh from Mumbai, India. I have bought an alexandrine parakeet 1 week before. And in India they dont give you exact age of the bird when you are buying. It is just guesswork. I was told that my bird is 8 to 10 weeks old. My guess is its is around 15 weeks old.

I am well experienced in hand feeding and weaning. The process of weaning has already started. I think one more week and we will have him eating on his own. My question is should i start his training now or wait for sometime. Because he is not confident about his perch. Cause i tried step up on him, but since he doesnt have the confidence on his perching ability it did not work. So when should i start training? Thanks in Advance.

Regards, Subodh