At whay age should i put my African Grey in cage

by Selwyn Prabhu
(Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India)

I've a 2 month old African Grey, Am hand-raising it from day 38.. Till now I've kept her in a wide cardboard box... Usually i put her in the box at night or if i go out for short periods... Now she has started flying very short distances inside the room and she knows how to get out of her box. So i got her a cage and has put her inside it but she hates being confined and starts digging inside the cage and is so restless... what should i do?

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Apr 25, 2012
hi regarding your pet
by: saji

hi selwyn,
im looking to buy an african grey baby could you direct me to some breeders. (personal information removed)

Editor's note: Please look at our Breeder's List for help in finding a breeder.

Mar 23, 2012
Ok so At what age?
by: Anonymous


Editor's note: Linda, an experienced breeder, said to put the bird in a cage right away.

Sep 17, 2011
At whay age should i put my African Grey in cage
by: Linda

Please put your bird into a proper cage immediately. She is may not be able to sit on a perch with perfect balance yet, so put one lower so she does not get hurt falling.

I recommend you go ahead and get her trained to the cage she will be living in as an adult. The Grey needs a cage the size made for a larger Amazon Parrot with swivel out cups and natural branch wood perches. Toys need to be for your bird's size which would be medium and need to be safe with no small parts like the ringer in a bell. Parrots can take those out and may either swallow them or be poisoned depending on what bell is made of. Parrots like natural wood toys they can chew on.

So, you need to get her into a cage now so she'll be safe. She will be coming out of the box and getting into dangerous trouble shortly. Until she learns how to sit on her perches, keep one low so she won't fall far if she falls off it. You can also work with her with a perch and try and teach her the UP request. Be patient and use your hand first and then the stick so as not to scare her.

Let us know how all is going,and thanks for writing.


Sep 17, 2011
african grey
by: Anonymous

Do you have toys for your grey to play with to keep her occupied? She is young enough to get her used to playing on her own and also to learn to forage for food. I would make or buy her some toys and hang them in her cage where she can reach them.

As with any parrot or new toy, always supervise at first when introducing new things.

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