attacking cockateil

by Darls

my cockateil mono attacks our male cockateil every chance she gets and some times his mate peaches who she follows round and serenades we are not sure what sex she is ,is there any way to stop her attacking my other birds??

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Oct 06, 2009
Cockatiels Attack...
by: Linda

If you have your birds in too small a cage and have them set up for breeding, then this is the problem. Multiple birds need a very large flight cage with food and water dishes for each pair or each bird is even better.

If you don't have them set up for breeding, then it still sounds like overcrowding to me. Your birds either need to be put into a large flight cage with the correct size bar spacing or they need to be separated and put into cages large enough for a pair in each cage.

What you are describing sounds like overcrowding, and any birds will fight if there are too many in too small a space. In fact, any kind of animal will also do the same thing. Everyone needs room to stretch their wings out and plenty of room to fly if possible.

RIGHT NOW SEPARATE YOUR PAIRS IMMEDIATELY. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF SEXES, YOU CAN HAVE THEM DNA TESTED SO YOU HAVE PAIRS OF A MALE AND A FEMALE. Actually same sexes get along together if they are now crowded together in too small a cage. Take out the ones starting the fights and put them in separate cages. If you have 4 birds, then put two to a cage or get a bigger cage for all 4. In the wild, the cockatiels have plenty of free open space in which to roost, feed and fly, so set your caging up accordingly or find homes for a couple or more of your birds.


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