attacking conure

by mar

every time i handle cash in front of my sun conure, he attacks my hand. is this normal? is there some under lying problem i should be aware of she only does this if she sees green cash.

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May 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

The behavior you are seeing is called displaced aggression which means she is probably very jealous of Cash and attacks you to keep your focus on her. Depending on the age of your hen, she may be ready to mate, and all birds who are not with mates when they are of an age to mate can become aggressive. Parrots are wild animals, not domesticated and follow the wild behaviors.

How old is your hen and how old is the male? You may wish to either put them together by putting cages side by side first or get a mate for her. You would have to wait until new bird is of age, and your vet can tell you more about this in conures. I think only 4-5 years is enough to be fully mature for conures, but not sure about that.

Do they get outside cages to play like either on top of their cages or on perches you have set up for them? Jealousy is a major issue with multiple birds though not all of them bite because of it.

If you have "neutral" space for them to play outside of cage, you can watch them and see how they are with each other in close proximity. Be sure to carefully watch them when there is a chance of them getting together as one may hurt the other if they just don't like each other.

Parrot behavior is sometimes complicated, and there are no quick answers to a question like this. If your hen is older though and ready to breed, she will become progressively more aggressive toward you. With your husand, she may be very sweet. If he can handle her, see if there is a difference with you and/or him handling her.

I had a ringneck parakeet some years ago that reached sexual maturity and became my worst enemy. With husband, she was the sweetest girl in the world, and he even accused me of "making it all up". As soon as he left for work each day, she would be a horror trying to bite me and even flying off perch to "get me". Soon as husband came home, she would jump on his hand, arm and shoulder and give him kisses and talk sweetly to him. All I got were glares and dares to come near her. I finally called a local bird club, and a member came and got her as she had a male who had lost his mate. She had laid a clutch of eggs within the first two weeks, and lived happily ever after with new birdy husband. If you have a bird club in your area, you may want to consult with them about this behavior. Find which member or members have your species of bird and go from there about this behavior.

Hope this is of some help to you.


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