Attacking Conure

by sharon
(garden grove, ca)

My friend recently gave me her pet conure because she was attacking her. Now she is attacking for no apparent reason. I can see her pupils become enlarged before she attacks. I'm not a bird person, but if I have her step up, she will walk up my arm to my hand and just start biting. Is she is hormonal? Is there something I can give her to calm her down or should I just discipline her with "evil eye" and a stern "no" and keep loving her? I just want her to be a happy bird.

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Feb 18, 2010
Attacking Conure
by: Linda

First of all, your bird needs to be seen by an Avian Vet in your area as sick birds or birds with other physical problems get cranky and will bite without provocation.Parrots will all bite some no matter what, but usually not all the time or hard.

Diet is another critical issue, and she should be eating an organic high quality pelleted diet with no people food or table food given at all. If she is on an all seed diet, then she is malnourished and needs help in this area. Sunflower seeds are bad for making birds nervous, and they are also addictive in that some birds will eat only sunflower seeds and nothing else. You can find some of the organic pellets here, and the change takes time, so do it gradually. Never allow a bird to have sugar or salt as both are poisons and kill in a short time. Fats from peanuts and people food kill more slowly, and cause a variety of physical and mental problems along the way.

There are some training materials on the Parrot Training page you may wish to look at. You also need to get busy learning all you can about the Conures and parrot care in general. You cannot live in the dark about basic nature of parrots and have a good pet. Parrots are wild animals and need to be seen as that. Trust, with birds, is won over time and never freely given. The person who had this bird before did not bother to learn what they needed to learn, and the bird will be worse in each new home where people don't do the work of understanding the bird.It is why there is so much abuse and neglect in the parrot world. People get them without knowing WHO they are bringing into their homes and then treat them badly making them biters, pluckers, screamers and so on. Very sad to say the least.

Evil eye stuff will not work as you are dealing with a troubled if not sick bird here, and it needs someone to finally care enough to help it become a good citizen.Your bird is a sentient being who feels pain both emotional and physical just as you do. She has needs, and is it your job to finally go about giving her the proper care she deserves just because she is alive and with you.

The Avian vet is your first stop, then food, then training materials plus books and/or other resources to learn how to take care of this bird you have been fortunate enough to have in your care. Birds have roughly the mental/emotional development of 4-5 year old human children and deserve the best lives we can give them. It is an honor to be loved and trusted by a bird, so get busy being honorable enough to deserve this bird's love and trust.

Thanks for writing,

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