Attacking Jenday Conure

by Angie

I currently own a female Jenday Conure. She is the sweetest bird that I have ever encountered.

A couple days ago, I got a text message from a friend who was house sitting asking me if I would like another bird. It turns out that the lady for whom he is house sitting has another Jenday that she is trying to re-home. I went over there yesterday to meet the bird. As soon as I walked through the door, he fluffled up his feathers and approached the front of the cage. I was able to touch the back of his head, and when I went to put my hand underneath him to step up he drew blood out of my thumb and bruised my other finger. I closed the cage, backed away slowly and walked away.

I tried to give him another chance about 45 minutes later. This time, I approached the cage slowly, opened the front and stepped back into the middle of the room. He came out of his cage, faned his tail and his wings and then charged into flight at me beak open and went for my face.

I feel for this bird as I understand that his behavior is most likely a result of an inadequate home. He is two years old and I am unsure whether he is a lost cause or whether there is anything I could do to change his behavior if I decided to give him a home. I give my animals forever homes, so if I take this bird with me, I refuse to turn around and re-home him because "it didn't work out".

Any Advice?

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Jul 09, 2012
Same thing
by: James

We bought a Jenday yesterday and he/she (were not sure on sex) seemed to fit in great with all the others (Ring necks, love birds, barrabands etc etc. but as soon as my girlfriend approached the cage the Jenday was bouncing its beak off the mesh and once she stepped inside it dive bombed her head and started attacking her... needless to say I quickly got her out the aviary!!


(Im going to see how it reacts to my mum and sister tomorrow... fingers crossed)

So strange!! Iv never seen a bird behave in this way!!

Editor's note: In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page. Your bird may be reacting to clothing she wears or even perfume or hair style.

Jul 02, 2011
Attacking conure
by: Tracie

As Linda said, you may have to get professional help. You might could train the bird yourself using material on this site and others if you have the time and patience. We have some material on our Parrot Training page that helps you learn to replace unwanted behavior with a desired behavior.

Most birds can be trained, but most people do not have the time to spend with a "needy" bird to train them. I hope you do, but if you don't maybe you can contact a bird club in your area and see if there is someone else that takes on "needy" birds so the bird might at least be in a loving environment.

Jul 01, 2011
Attacking Jenday Conure
by: Linda

If you do take this bird on, know upfront that you may need professional help with him, Meaning finding a parrot behaviorist. I do believe there may be more going on here than meets the eye. His hate for women can come from a couple different places. One is that a man handfed him from a very early age, and he does not understand or trust women. In this case, professional help from a man would be advised so he can win his trust and then teach him to trust YOU as well. The other place this could be coming from is abuse by a woman or girl in a family not necessarily the one he's with now, but possibly earlier. Since he's only 2, he's had a very bad start to say the least.

The other idea is that he's sick and feels bad and takes it out on whoever is handy. I think my first idea about imprinting with a human male may be correct. Some years ago I bought a beautiful Blue Front Amazon male who actually made cute little sounds while I was talking to him in cage. Once I got him home, he turned into a monster I've never had the displeasure of seeing before. I bought him as a mate for my sweet female Nikki, and she was deathly afraid of him. So was I. I had to use all kinds of things to distract him just to feed, water and clean his cage. He had hate in his eyes and tried to seriously hurt me. I distracted him by giving him paper towel rolls pushed through the wire so he could vent his anger on it while I did work that had to be done. I finally had to sell him to a breeder. The man who sold him to me told me he had been fed early on only by him, and he hated women. Wish he'd have been truthful in the first place! Make sure his cage has roll out cups and separate cage bottoms. Mine was a homemade job and was terribly dangerous for me. I've been raising and training birds, even wild caughts in the 70's, for half my life, and I'd never met a bird like him.

You need to take him to Avian Vet first thing to see if maybe he is in pain or has some kind of infection. Keep him away from your sweet girl bird because displaced aggression means if he can't attack you, he will probably attack her. Taking him on is a risk, and the rewards could be worth the trouble. Remember to seek professional help with this as there's no telling just what all made him this way, and it won't be worked out quickly and without help.

Find an Avian Vet

God Bless You and follow your heart on this one.


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