Attracting Lorikeets to yard

by Warwick Cumberland

I live in Melbourne Australia and we have lots of wild Lorikeets flying overhead.

My question is , how do I encourage them to my garden, what food would I use as an attractent?

Our rear garden is planted out in native plants with lots of native flowers, but so far has not attracted these little birds.
I have heard that you can attract Lorikeets to feed in your garden, so how do I do that?

Thanking you in anticipation.



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Dec 28, 2013
Seeds And Necter
by: Bird Lover

Use suger and water.
Bring the water to boiling point and desolve suger in it. Store in a cool place. Try a red feeder too!!

Nov 16, 2010
Keep feeding stations clean
by: Richard

It is extremely important, if you do set up a feeding station, to make sure that it is kept very clean.

Lorikeets have a simple digestive system, and do suffer necrotizing enteritis if their feeding stations are not clean and they don't eat enough of their natural diet.

They also suffer from psittacine circovirus disease, which is an extremely serious condition that breaks down the keratin in the birds' bodies, resulting in feather loss and beak deformation. This has been described as an AIDS-like illness, so it is extremely serious.

Feed stations need to be extremely well cleaned, as birds can transmit these and other serious illnesses to each other through faeces and other vectors.

The best way to attract lorikeets to your garden is to plant a variety of their feed plants, this is much more effective than a feeder, as they will find blossoms by sight.

The best flowering native shrubs to plant are grevilleas, callistemon (bottlebrushes) and banksias. They look good and they will attract the birds allowing them to feed safely and to keep healthy.

Mar 31, 2008
Not an Aussie
by: Pat

Hi! I was recently in Australia near Sydney and my hosts had Lories all over--they had a bird feeder and put a variety of seeds and crumbled bread or other treats--they also feed a kookaburra raw hamburger meat and the lories liked that too.

I think if you get a feeder--and maybe a birdbath with water in it--and you keep sprinkle some parrot seed or treats (pet store items) you will attract them and once they know you are a good feeder, they'll hang around. The Lories in Narooma came every afternoon to see what they could get!


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