Australin bajri with chicks

by shariq

i have 1 pair of bajri paarots and they have 4 small (7 to 10 days) chicks.i provide simple bajra.what i add in their diet for fast growing their chicks.

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Jan 21, 2013
Australin bajri
by: Anonymous

Australin bajri = Australian Budgerigar.

Allow the parents to raise the chicks.

GOOGLE budgie care, feeding and get the information you require on their care and feed. Not all of us are as fortunate as the repliers to be able to get hold of top quality feed :( Something some people constantly seem to think is at anyones disposal. Unfortunately not so!!

Jan 17, 2013
Bajri chicks question
by: Tracie

Since we do not have these here in the US, that I know of, it is best that you contact a breeder where you are and ask them. Your avian vet should know also.

Jan 17, 2013
Australin bajri with chicks
by: Linda

All parrots need to be eating a diet of organic pellets like Harrisons found here. When the parents are healthy, they are able to keep the babies healthy as well. I'm not familiar with the Australian Bajri, so not sure if it is a parrot or softbill. If it's a parrot, as long as babies are being fed by parents and/or supplemented by you, do not add anything to their diet as babies cannot digest regular food at this age. Baby birds need to be eating baby parrot handfeeding formula only. If you are feeding them anything else, they may sicken and die because their digestive systems are not developed enough for any other harder to digest foods.

Later, find some organic pellets or get Harrisons from here if you can get them into your country. Below is a link to info on how to go about the change from a poor seed diet to a healthy one written by an avian vet. The change takes time, and we recommend birds be examined by an avian vet before getting started in case birds are carrying infection or other physical issues.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

As a note, do not feed your birds human foods because most of them are full of fat, sugar and salt all of which kill birds. Parrots do not eat meat and very little egg food either. Parrots need to be eating a high quality pelleted diet preferably organic to keep dangerous chemicals out of your bird's bodies.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

i have 1 pair of bajri paarots and they have 4 small (7 to 10 days) chicks.i provide simple bajra.what i add in their diet for fast growing their chicks.

I am guessing you're talking about budgies? You don't feed the chicks anything. Let the parents do the raising.

Feed the parents high calcium and protein foods. This will help them be able to feed their chicks properly and healthy.

Hard boiled egg and shell crushed, cuttle bone or calcium block, best quality budgie pellets that are available in your area, fresh leafy dark green vegetables, sprouts.

Really you should be providing the parents with high protein and high calcium diets before they breed to give them and the chicks a good start.

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