Average weight of SI Eclectus-8 wks old??

by Ruth Eldred
(East Stroudsburg, pa USA)

I have a male eclectus that I have been hand raising since he was 3wks & 5 days old. As of today, he is 8wks & 5 days old. He has been weighing in from 380-385gms daily this past week. He is on 3 feedings daily & has millet sprays to start with seeds. Today he weighed in at 375gms. He is VERY active in his cage.

Is this an ok weight for him? He has pellets and small seeds too in a feeder along with water. Should I increase him back to 4 feedings? He only takes about 35cc each feeding then won't take anymore.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Mar 22, 2011
please do research this bird properly
by: Anonymous

i donot believe it is appropriate to advise against online research on eclectus sites. i think it is a very important thing you should do as a parrot owner. i am a member of four online places whom have avian vets and scientific background research. two eclectus places and two non eclectus. three of these places have very similar and well knowledgable persons and views on board and i am regularly there myself to seek excellent advise. one is different in their views to the others. it does not mean they are all wrong and that one is right. it means they just have different views to other experienced and beliefs. i do recommend you research the eclectus further on the internet. there are wonderful resources around and it is relatively easy to discifer the good from bad sites. you are entitled to do this. in the end you need to make the choices yourself. do seek your own avian vets advice as well. not all avians will have the same advice to offer. this doesnot mean one is wrong and one is right. may i asked why you chose to wean an eclectus yourself? and how much experience you have with this? it is something i do not advise in future. they can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. please seek your avian vet advice on your weaning and rearing. at this age it is important to keep up with vet checks because many things can go unexpectedly wrong. good luck.

Editor: Hey, didn't say not to do it, I said to be careful what she reads and to check with her vet. I actually send people to some online Eclectus sites. Sheesh! Do YOU trust all sites on the Internet??

Mar 22, 2011
Eclectus sites
by: Tracie

Please be careful with what you read on Eclectus sites. Confirm everything with your avian vet. Some people think they are experts on Eclectus because they raise them or own them. Avian vets, like Dr B, that have had years of experience seeing healthy and unhealthy Eclectus know more than breeders and owners.

It is like the lady with 10 kids, telling me her kids are healthy, rarely get sick, and they don't eat whole grain breads etc. They eat white bread, twinkies and fast food. They don't see what those kids liver looks like, or what is going on inside their bodies. We have a friend that has chain smoked for over 60 years, and seems healthy, but I don't recommend that you smoke for your health. ;-)

Mar 21, 2011
to add
by: Anonymous

to add to what has been said.

You can also add fruit & veg as a food to try daily. A large variety of foods for him to try is good & a large variety of foods, including fruit & veg is something he should get used to eating. He doesn't need to try seed just yet.

If you only offer one sort of food then you have a lot of problems getting him to eat a variety & eat properly as he will grow up to be a very picky eater. That is something you don't want.

As I was weaning mine I had a variety of scattered bowls around his cage of fruit & veg, sprouts, pellets, all kinds of different foods (no seed) to taste.

Google eclectus parrots and you will get some info on them from eclectus only sites.

Mar 21, 2011
Eclectus weaning help
by: The Avian Vet

You should not increase him to 4 time daily. He is trying to wean and you need to cut him back to 2 feeding a day. The amount your are feeding is good, but you may need to increase it by 2-3cc when you cut him to twice daily. His weight is within the average for an eclectus.

Take out the millet and everything else except his pellets until he eats enough pellets to maintain his weight, then slowly add in treats to his feeding.

Put a water bottle on his cage and not a water dish. Bottles are more sanitary.

Dr B

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