Avian vet

by Elizabeth

I took my budgie to an avian vet because he was abit sleepy when the vet examined him he made him fly by throwing him in to the air my budgie flew for bit but nearly banged into the window ledge is this normal for an avian vet do this as my budgie was in shock.

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Feb 25, 2012
Avian vet
by: Elizabeth

Thank you for answering so quickly, my instincts were right as he didn't do any tests or swabs he just looked at his beak and smelt his nostrils and said it could be his crop.He gave me nystan which i gave to him in his beak he is much chirpier now, i just wont go to this vet again as he was very rough with my budgie and it did make him worse afterwards
Thanks again.

Feb 23, 2012
Avian vet
by: Linda

NO, this is not normal, and your bird could have been killed flying into something. Did he do any tests for infection? If not, find another Avian Vet and leave this one to run their clients off, and they will!

Test for bacterial infection is a throat swab because it is more accurate for bacteria than the anal swab. Tests for viral infections are done with blood tests.

If your bird is still sick, and being sleepy is a pronounced sign of illness, take him to another avian vet for an accurate diagnosis. Avian vets are like doctors in that some of them are good and thorough and some of them just want to take your money and rush you out of office. Sorry this happened to your little bird and hope it does not impact his treatment.

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