AVIx Bird Rain is Avian Vet recommended as a natural bath spray.

AVIx Bird Rain 8oz

AVIx Bird Rain

A convenient, all natural bath, this spray helps revitalize skin and feathers that have lost normal moisture due to dry, indoor environments. It brings out the natural luster of feathers and decreases dander and feather dust. 8 oz bottle

BENEFITS • Effectively cleans the feathers • Reduces feather dust in the home • Promotes skin health • Restores moisture to feathers and skin • Provides one-step approach to bird bath (no need to rinse) • Acceptable for daily use • Clinically tested for safety and efficacy by Greg J. Harrison, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian, Dipl ECAMS

INGREDIENTS: water, 100% pure aloe vera, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dodecyl and benzene sulfonate

DIRECTIONS: Hold spray several inches from the bird and apply a fine mist as needed.

AVIx Bird Rain 8 oz Spray
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Editor's side note

I know that Avian Vets recommend AVIx and many other "natural" products, but these products do contain chemicals non the less. Our family is a chemical free family, so I feel I need to point this out.

You can read about these chemicals in our Parrot Health article at the link below.


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