AVIx Booster boosts your bird's immune system with Organic Red Palm Oil.

AVIx Booster Organic Red Palm Oil

AVIx Booster Organic Red Palm Oil GREAT for African Grey Parrots!

BENEFITS • Enhances the immune system • Inhibits non-autochthonous life forms while allowing native GI flora to repopulate in birds • High antibacterial and antiprotozoal properties • High carotenoid content (precursor to vitamin A) • High antioxidant content (vitamin E) • Good balance of essential fatty acids, especially omega 3 and omega 6 • Easy to administer because birds like the taste • Can be used for birds fed either seed or formulated diets and with birds of all age groups • Clinically tested for safety and efficacy by Greg J. Harrison, DVM, Dipl ABVP-Avian, Dipl ECAMS

DIRECTIONS AVIx Booster is semisolid at room temperature. To liquefy, place bottle in hot water (about 110°F [43°C]) for a few minutes. Give your bird 1 drop orally per 100 grams body weight, not to exceed 3 drops. Continue use until normal body immune function is achieved or as directed by your veterinarian.

INGREDIENTS Monoglycerides of edible fatty acids suspended in certified organic Brazilian dende (red palm fruit) oil.

Booster only comes in the 16oz size.

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