B & G Macaw

My 5 yr old b & g macaw is losing some feathers in his neck, but havent seen him pluck them. Is this normal, and will he grow new ones?

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Aug 06, 2009
by: Linda

Please take this bird to an Avian vet in your area. As Tracie said if this is just molting, new feathers would already be coming in and no gaps would be seen.

To be fortunate enough to have one of these most gentle, sweet parrots as your friend and to not take it to the vet when ill is something I just cannot understand. If your bird is sick, it needs to go to the vet just like you do when you are sick, you go to the doctor.

Also, diet has a lot to do with skin and feathers. Bird needs to be on an organic pelleted diet like Harrisons to give your bird the best chance at perfect health and well being.

Tracie carries two kinds of organic pellets out here, and you should take a look and start seriously thinking about your bird's health. Tracie carries Harrison's and Totally Organics Pellets and Seeds are completely organic and Goldenfeast Goldn'obles have organic ingredients too.

Macaws live for up to 75 years and beyond, and what is done with them now affects how they will be later. A bird not taken care of now will not enjoy aging and will die much too young.

Hopefully, you have already made an appointment with an Avian vet in your area. Anyone lucky enough to have one of these most majestic creatures in their care is obligated to God and the Parrot World to take the best care of them that can be done.

Hopefully, all will work out well for both you and your bird. My heart has been taken many times by the Macaw family, so please, please understand what a jewel you have here and act accordingly.


Aug 06, 2009
Blue and Gold Macaw losing feathers
by: Tracie

If you can see where the feathers are missing from, then this is NOT normal. If you see feathers on the floor, but not any "bald" spots on your bird, then the bird is molting.

You need to take your bird to an avian vet once a year for a well check up and vaccination, if you are not doing that. Your bird doesn't have to leave home to get a virus, you can bring it home on your clothing or shoes, or even a toy from the store.

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