Babby parrort not eating

by Junaid khan

I have a bought 2months old Alexandrine parrort ,he was very active at the pet shop however from the time I have bought him home is very quite does not make any sound,he will only react to a baby parrort sound through the video that I play on you tube,he does not eat anything ,as far as I can say he does not seems to be sick,I may be wrong as well ,I have been monitoring his poop as well that seems to be normal,I have to hand feed him forcefully ,he does not through up at all ,I have been giving him neopeptine for proper digestion, I try to spend lot of time with him but he would still not react

Please can any one help me to understand ,is he seriously sick or how do I make him eat

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Jun 04, 2018
bird needs avian vet
by: Tracie

Please contact your avian vet or your breeder for in-person help. Your bird needs to be examined and you need someone to contact as you need help.

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