Baby African Grey going crazy in cage

by Em

Hi. Our 9 week old African Grey (Dorian) is always climbing around and falling in his cage. He very rarely sits there calmly. He always wants to come out and play. I'm afraid that one day he will seriously hurt himself when we are not at home.

How do I get him to stop this behaviour and be calm inside of his cage? Any suggestions from experience? Dorian is otherwise very loving and playful, and loves to be pet and climb onto our hands. He eats well (being handfed) and is starting to try other foods. Thanks.

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Mar 17, 2013
by: Abi

I have a African grey who I've had since he was ready to come home, I feel so bad
because I let him out every day and today I can't, will he be ok? It's the first time he hasn't been let out an my mind won't ease! Please help

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Mar 24, 2012
by: Bird Expertise:-)

He just wants attention. Don't let him out until u get home so if something happens, u can be there to help him.

Mar 21, 2012
Baby grey
by: Anonymous

Sound to me as if he's wanting that constant human interaction. Which is great! He's bonding. However, like a baby, you can't hold them all the time or you will never be able to put them down, or put them in thier cage.

Greys are smart, they will grow to have the intelligence of a 3-5 yr old child. I find that being a Mom those things I did to teach my kids, work for teaching my grey as well. (in some cases)

If he's climbing and falling, I would suggest just having him in a bird carrier with feeder bowls... so that if he does climb and fall it's not going to be but an inch or two.

I paid at the local Bird shop $40 for my bird travel carrier. It's big enf for my 8 month old grey to travel in.

I would keep him in there, with towels on the bottom for padding... until he stops the behaviour. You're supposed to be training him, not him training you. So dont give into what he wants.

I know it's hard bc they're so darn adorable to just not pick up all the time.

Please make sure to take your little guy to an avian vet at least once a year. I'd honestly say 2 twice in the first year, just to ensure he's developing and growing correctly.

Avian vets really aren't as expensive as most would think. So, if you love him, make sure you take him to the vet once a year. Always take your bird to the vet when you SEE something is wrong. Dont post on a forum, as birds won't tell you they're sick, they just drop dead.

Mar 21, 2012
africian gray
by: betty

sounds bored.. they are very smaert and curious... get him some toys that are challenging// and rotate the toys very frequestly

Mar 20, 2012
Baby African Grey going crazy in cage
by: Linda

He's not ready for weaning until 12 weeks or 3 months. The fact that he's eating some foods is good, and keep handfeeding him at least two times a day. Also, wean him onto high quality organic pellets like Harrison's found here in the course grind for his size. If you are weaning him onto seeds, then he's not as healthy as you may think and once the formula is discontinued will begin his slow starvation which is what an all seed diet with or without fruit and veggies is.

With Harrisons there is no need for vitamin mineral supplements as food is cold extruded meanng all the vitamins, minerals and complex proteins and carbs are in the food. It is a 100% wholesome complete diet, and fruit and veggies need only be 10-15% of the diet meaning small amounts a few times a week.Also, feed NO human foods as most of these are full of fat, sugar and salt. Keep him on a healthy of organic pellets and a little fruit and veggies, and he will be healthy eating a well balanced diet.

Harrisons also makes a bird bread mix found here that will help him want to eat the pellets as mix is made from base mix for the pellets. Use the Sunshine Factor organic red palm oil for the oil it calls for, which is found here I think.

As for what is happening in cage now, he's not ready for the larger cage because he is not physically able to climb a lot without falling. I suggest you put perches down low and put his dishes at the level for them. If he continues to climb after that, put him into a smaller cage because until his physical body catches up to what his little mind "thinks" he can do, he could be seriously hurt with a broken bone or two.


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