baby alexandrien parrot

by sophie
(sanctuary point nsw )

I have a baby alex and I got him about 2 months ago and from about the 3rd week I had him he keeps crying for me, I put him in his outside cage fo the day and his fine if I go outside he crys and crys and crys so i handle him for a while but he keeps crying so ill put him back to play and it take about 3 min for him to stop again. i dont know why he crys i cant handle him for long because he hurts my ears when he crys. is there something i can do to help him or will he just grow out of it?

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Dec 10, 2012
baby alexandrien parrot
by: Linda

It sounds like your bird is either starving to death or is sick. Take him immediately to an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area. Take him to only an Avian Vet because they are the only vets licensed and trained in the care of birds.

You did not say how old he is, and if he is very young, he still needs to be handfed baby parrot handfeeding formula. Do not put this bird outside at all because that may be why he's sick.

Though I'm sorry your ears hurt from his cries, stop and think about what could be making him cry like that. He's either very hungry or very sick. So stop thinking of what is good for you and think about what is good for him. Find Avian Vet and get him there. Once he is fed properly or diagnosed and treated for a physical problem, he will be more quiet. Do not put him outside again, ever because this is where wild birds infect tame ones with all kinds of dangerous infections plus give them external and internal parasites.

Good luck and let us know what avian vet has to say.


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