Baby Alexandrine change in food behaviour

by ibne Adhi

My baby Alexandrine aged about 3 months and currently weaning, I have surprised that before weaning he used to nibble chick peas, banana, lettuce, corn on the cob, but once the weaning started he left eating these all foods, and just show interest in "Oranges, Strawberries and Pop Corn, thats all he wants to eat, whereas I have offered him Pelletes, sweet potato, green pepper, lettuce, soaked chick peas, soaked beans, banana, and blah blah

Is it normal ? and also he shows less interest in feed formula, I am wondering if there is some thing wrong, due to orange and strawberries consumption he urinates more

one more question is it safe to offer them mint leaves, rusk ? and in which form egg should be offered, and please advice if my bird is normal

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Apr 23, 2013
how did u resolve the issue?
by: mashal

A.o.a I'm from Pakistan also.where did u get pellets? Did or baby turn out OK? Mine is exactly same age and I am having exact same problem. Am very stressed about what to do. He only wants eggs but I'm afraid of giving him too much.

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Mar 21, 2012
by: ibne Adhi

I have tried sunflower seeds as well but no luck, and yes he is taking boiled rice a bit, pop corn, but I havent tried cereals I will try oats cereal for sure and will update, he is on citrus fruit, What shall I do he is not taking any thing else, I tried melon, apple, banana, but no luck :(

Mar 20, 2012
Food behavior
by: Anonymous

Trying pellets and seeds is a good idea, but try not to give too much strawberry and citrus fruits as these can be high in acid. Lettuce has no nutritional value at all and could be the cause of excessive urnination which can lead to deydration. Green peppers are not a good idea, I fed some to my bird and he had digestive upset from it. I would not give mint leaves, too spicy. Have you tried a bit of bread or dry cereal? My bird gets pieces of apple and Cheerios for breakfast and I usually give a veggie at lunch, corn, peas, broccoli, green beans. He has seed available at all times. Have you tried sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds (unsalted variety) They are good for treats/snacks once in a while but should not be the main ingredient in seed mixture.

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