baby alexandrine

by cassie

hi, i am buy a 4 week old alexandrine parrot and just wanted some info on care he will need for example how much he should weigh? how often he needs to be feed and any extra info you can give me will be greatly apreciated?

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Aug 16, 2011
thanks for your concern
by: cassie

hey thanks for your concern but the breader was reluctant on selling him to me she is a highly recomended breader and its taken me afew month to covince her to sell him to me this young. i have a 3 year old IRN who i hand reared along with his sister from 1 day old so i do have a little experience but it was 3 years ago so i was just making sure all the info i remember and researched is correct and wasnt sure if hand rearig is diffrent for each species. i did pick him up today so i hope all goes well as he isnt just a pet but a new addition to my family. :)

Aug 15, 2011
Feeding an unweaned baby bird
by: Tracie

If you have not purchased the bird, please don't purchase the bird until it is weaned.

To Wean or Not To Wean article

The bird's weight will change daily, as it grows. What you feed it will change as it grows. If you do not have experience hand feeding a bird, it may die due to your lack of experience.

If someone is selling birds that are not weaned, the birds are probably not healthy and do not have healthy parents. You are wasting your money and encouraging bad breeding practices.

I do appreciate your writing, I am sorry if it sounds like I am blasting you. I am not, I am just waring you that the person selling you the bird doesn't care about birds if they are wanting to sell an unweaned bird to someone with no experience in caring for baby birds.

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