baby amazon parrot age

by sarah
(liverpool uk )

i have just been given a baby south american amazon parrot he os only about 7 inch's head to tail . how will i know how old he is ?? he does have a breeders band but i dont know where he was bought and how to get them checked

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Jul 07, 2011
baby amazon parrot age
by: Linda

First of all get this bird into be thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet. Only an Avian Vet as they are the only people licensed and trained in bird diagnosis and treatment. The avian vet may have some idea of age. The other issue that makes this visit critical is that Amazons do not start weaning until around 3 months old, and have to be handfed baby parrot formula with a syringe until then. Avian Vet can tell you approximately how old he is and if he needs to be handfed. Handfeeding is a learned skill which is usually taught by a breeder or someone who has experience with the process. Even weaning is a process and you need to understand how to go about it.

Please do not delay having your bird examined by an avian vet because baby birds are very susceptible to infections because they don't have much of an immune system yet. All birds can and do die from un-diagnosed and un-treated infections as they don't just "get over them".

Thanks for writing and let us know what avian vet has to say and how it's going,

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