baby bird panting?

by Jessica J Vergara
(Ontario, Ca)

My baby bird is panting. He's not hot, just warm to the touch, and he has hopped around before but never enough to get him panting. he's been like this since yesterday AFTER i brought him to my moms and switched him to a new formula, over time of course! so any suggestions? btw i cant drive and my dad is not willing to take me to the vet. is there something i can do for him???

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Aug 12, 2011
Baby bird panting
by: The Avian Vet

What kind of bird is it? How old is it? Was he exposed to any airborne toxins such as Teflon or smoke? What is the temperature in his environment?

Dr B

Aug 08, 2011
baby bird panting?
by: Linda

Your baby bird is very sick and will die shortly if not taken to an Avian Vet for diagnoses and treatment. Bacterial infections are common with babies, and they do not get over them.

Please ask your Dad again if he will take you and bird to an Avian Vet or you will watch this baby die, and it is as simple and horrible as that.

There is nothing you can do for your bird and only an avian vet can help at this point.

In future, please do no more breeding or buying of birds if you cannot support them with avian vet care because this is cruel to the birds and is also illegal as for legal issues. We have to provide food, shelter and medical care when needed for our pets or it is deemed animal cruelty. Please keep this in mind when either raising or buying anymore pets. This baby's life is being thrown away because you did not think before you acted. Please take this lesson seriously as it will not be the last bird or pet you lose because you cannot provide medical care.


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